Will Smith slap may have scared off aliens from invading planet, says UFO expert

Aliens could be running scared of Earth's "defender" Will Smith after watching him smack Chris Rock, a UFO expert claims.

Ex-UK Government UFO detective Nick Pope reckons that if aliens are watching over us, they will be well aware of Smith's Hollywood history taking down aliens.

Fiction however might not be a concept fully understood by extra-terrestrials and so following sci-fi movies Men in Black and Independence Day, the Oscars slap will remind them of the actor's strength, the Mirror reports.

Nick, 53, explained that for whatever reason creatures are keeping an eye on Earth, they will have intercepted our broadcasts and formed an opinion on humans based on TV shows and films confused as documentaries.

He added that the jaw-dropping scenes from last weekend's Oscars could be the final nail in the coffin for other worldly life forms in deciding against a visiting or even invading.

Nick said: "If extra-terrestrials are watching Earth – either monitoring us as part of a scientific study of emerging civilisations or maybe as reconnaissance, ahead of an alien invasion – they'll get a lot of their information about us from our TV broadcasts.

"What will they make of the fiasco at this year's Oscars ceremony?

"Aliens will already know Will Smith from Independence Day, where he punched out an alien and uttered the immortal line ‘welcome to Earth’.

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"They'll also know him from the Men in Black movies, so if aliens are planning an invasion, they'll think Will Smith is often the person we put up to defend ourselves.

"Aliens may also think he's one of Earth's ruling elite, if they've heard the phrase Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

"All this depends on whether aliens understand the concept of fiction.

"If they don't, they'll think Earth has already fought off multiple alien invasions, and that may have a deterrent effect."

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When the Mirror went back to Nick to check he was not having an April Fools giggle, he told the newspaper he was serious.

Unsurprisingly it did not take long for Oscars host Chris Rock and Oscars best actor winner to be turned into a new meme for the internet to enjoy.

Notorious OnlyFans star Lana Wolf has weighed in on Will Smith's jaw-dropping Oscars slap with a hilarious meme.

The Rangers supporter who encourages Twitter users to follow for "tits and football" poked fun at Sunday night's incident, likening it to waking up to a new week.

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