‘Witch bottles’ wash up on beach – and researchers are scared to open them
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    Mysterious 'witch bottles' have washed up on a beach – and researchers are too spooked to risk opening them.

    Expert Jace Tunnell stumbled upon these bizarre bottles on a beach near Corpus Christi, Texas, on November 15. They have been dubbed witch bottles as no one knows who sent them or what they contain – many fear spells.

    One bottle had gooseneck barnacles wrapped around the glass, leading experts to suspect it had been submerged for some time. Mr Tunnell told Fox News that eight bottles have washed up in the area since 2017.

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    Though he says that he isn’t afraid of the bottles, he still won’t risk opening one of them after hearing they're rumoured to contain “spells and stuff”. And his wife agrees, refusing to let them into their home.

    According to MailOnline, the bottles aren’t an uncommon sight across the UK – nearly 200 have been found in recent years and sometimes in unlikely places. And those brave enough to open them say they’ve contained everything from hair to nails and even bodily fluids.

    The McGill University Office of Science and Society told Fox News that during the 16th and 17th centuries, witches believed their spells could cure illnesses and ward off evil. They said: “But the evil spells could be fended off by trapping them in a witch bottle, which if properly prepared, could actually reflect the spell itself while also tormenting the witch”.

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    Speaking in a YouTube clip, Tunnell explained that there are many other reasons why people make these bottles. "Some of the spell bottles are for protection," he said.

    "They do a ritual where they've got incense and smoke and stuff like that. Sometimes they do it for health reasons, for luck – there are all kinds of reasons why people would have spell bottles."

    On his YouTube channel's Beachcoming Episodes, Tunnell has shared his discoveries of various items including an abandoned drone, a lifepod, lost ship supplies and 30 messages in bottles.

    Tunnell and his fellow researchers at Harte have made educated guesses about the origins of these washed-up objects, based on weather and tide patterns.

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    Tunnell doesn’t know where these bottles originally came from. However, he does not believe they came from the US.

    He told Fox News Digital that some of the bottles he discovered were 'real thin yellow vinegar bottles' made in Haiti, which 'have sea turtle bites in them' by the time they wash up onshore. There's also a chance that similar bottles could be drifting over from the Caribbean or South America.

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