Woman cancels best friend’s hen do Airbnb after being banned from her wedding

A woman has cancelled her Airbnb booking for her best friend’s hen do after she was removed as a bridesmaid and potentially banned from the wedding.

The woman, 30, took to Reddit to explain how she had gone from best friend to being removed from one of the key roles in the ceremony.

She explained this was her second time asking the online forum or advice after a separate incident in which she was excluded by her best friend’s fiancé and allegedly banned by him from being a bridesmaid.

Following her post, fellow users once again stepped in to offer their views on what happened and what she should do next.

The user, from the USA, wrote: “Last week I posted in detail asking if I was the ******* for removing myself from a bachelorette after my best friend’s fiancé had her remove me from being a bridesmaid and possibly an attendee at the wedding.”

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She added: “Most said no and agreed that I shouldn’t attend. Following advice from Reddit, I messaged my best friend of 15 years, expressing my love for her but also explaining that I couldn’t attend a bachelorette party (in two weeks) knowing I am excluded by her fiancé from being a bridesmaid and potentially attending her wedding.”

The woman added that there were no issues with cancelling the Airbnb and getting a refund.

She said: “The current issue is that my husband (34M) booked the Airbnb. He paid roughly 2k for the stay. I received slightly less than $1,500 from all the girls.

“He doesn’t feel comfortable being liable for a place I won’t be looking after. Cancelling the Airbnb passed 48hours results in a 50% refund.”

She added: “I contacted the host and asked if they could transfer ownership but they couldn’t. The best they could do is give her a discount to offset the loss.

“My husband suggested we wait to receive the money back to avoid confusion. He’d rather hand her the money with the receipt and end it there.

“My issue is that I know she’s counting on it and probably panicking since her bachelorette is two weeks away. I’m completely torn.

“A part of me feels like I could have trusted her to look after the place since she doesn’t drink. I also feel like I can front her the money in good faith & hope we can even it out later. The other side of me thinks none of it is my responsibility.”

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Underneath the post, fellow Reddit users waded in to offer their advice to the woman.

One person wrote: “Without knowing why you were removed from the wedding, I’m honestly just stuck on that point.

“If someone removed me from the wedding party and attending, simply because their partner is a controlling a-hole, I’d remove that friend from my life.

“Maybe they should have spent two minutes thinking about how you’d fronted money for the bachelorette party, and how uninviting you would not only cost you money but cause massive issues for that event.”

Another person said: “Cancel the Airbnb. Pay the $1000 cancellation fee from the $1500 you had been given.

“Distribute the remaining $500 to the people who have given you money with the explanation that you had been removed from the bridal party and couldn’t take the risk of being responsible for damages at a bachelorette to which you weren’t welcome.

“Tell them the rest of the money was used to pay the cancellation fee and they will need to talk to the bride about getting that money and their new bachelorette plans.”

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