Woman demands Sainsbury’s rename ‘wildly inappropriate’ and ‘sexist’ steak

A fuming shopper has slammed supermarket giant Sainsburys for giving one product a “sexist” name.

Rose Robinson is demanding the retailer rename their “Big Daddy” rump steak, blasting it as “misogynistic”.

The 38-year-old noticed the product on the shelves last week and says she can’t understand Sainsbury's thought process behind the name.

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The mum-of-three says Sainsbury's are “wrong” to unnecessarily involve gender to market their food products – especially when so many other words would do the job.

Rose, from Norfolk, explained: "A 'big daddy' steak is still on the shelves in Sainsbury's supermarket in 2023, it just felt wrong and unnecessary.

"There are so many ways it could have been named that would have equally communicated the super-sized nature of this particular product. It just felt wildly inappropriate and I just wasn't comfortable with it.

"I was shocked and just a bit disappointed that in this day and age, it was possible for it to make it through whatever channel it had to have made through to get onto the shelves.

"'Supersized steak' would have achieved the exact same [impact]. There are marketing executives that are paid good amounts of money to come up with a good name for a product. It doesn't have to be something that's so negative and potentially sexist and misogynistic in nature."

After talking to some staff members in-store about the steak's branding, Rose decided to take to Facebook to make her feelings known, as she claimed the steak should be renamed.

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But she soon found herself the target of vicious trolls, who suggested the supermarket rename the steak "Karen".

She added: "I've had the obvious Karen comment from someone who obviously feels that that's appropriate or funny, I'm not sure.

“It's dismissive, it's an implication that I'm just causing a fuss about nothing. Karen nowadays is commonly accepted as a term for someone who gets easily offended by things when there are much bigger issues in the world.

"I'm the least Karen-like person I know, honestly. It's come from someone on the internet that doesn't know the first thing about me."

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Rose also said she was told to fill in an online feedback form, but claimed that since she posted on Facebook to Sainsbury's last week, she is yet to hear back.

"I just feel like anything that's sold as a generic food type, with reference to gender, is just not necessary," she said, "We all eat – male, female, or whatever you identify as nowadays. I just don't think that gender needs to come anywhere into the playing field when marketing food.

"I think it should just be renamed. I'm not saying they should pull the ones there, food waste is a huge issue among many other things, but I certainly think that the packaging that's made from this point forward should perhaps be renamed."

In response, a Sainsbury's spokesperson has said: "We strive to be a truly inclusive retailer where people love to work and shop. Customer feedback is important to us and we regularly review ranges in line with this."

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