Woman distracts would-be thief with sex act until police show up and arrest him

A female customer distracted a would-be robber with a sex act long enough for the police to arrive and arrest him.

Police were called to the petrol station in the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava, by employees after a man entered the building and threatened to kill staff if they didn’t hand over the contents of the till.

Despite their caving to his demands and handing over the money, the 24-year-old man punched staff members several times and repeatedly threatened to kill them if they did not meet his demands.

The employee fled to the back room where they managed to call the police.

But still not satisfied with how much cash he had received, the suspect then broke into the back rooms to demand more cash from the store’s safe.

This was the moment that the customer, believed to be around 36, literally took matters into her own hands.

She is alleged to have entered the gas station through a back door after the attempted robbery had started.

In an unusual ploy, she then approached the robber, seduced him, and proceeded to perform oral sex on him as a distraction.

But the suspect’s pleasure was concluded prematurely when police busted the petrol station and arrested him.

Officers reportedly told local media outlet TV JOJ that they discover the couple lying half-naked on the floor of the petrol station.

Upon their arrival, the customer was reported as telling police “I don’t take him anymore”.

Local media reports that the customer’s motivation for dealing with the situation in this unconventional manner remains a mystery.

Nonetheless, her actions appear to have distracted the criminal from terrorising the staff and customers and kept him there until the police arrived.

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