Woman ‘forced’ to have more kids as ‘selfish’ daughter won’t have any

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Whether or not someone has children is that person’s decision, not their parents’.

However, one mum seems to think it is her business and has been slammed online for it.

The woman branded her daughter “selfish” for not wanting her own children and, as a result, claims she had to have more of her own to “maintain the family bloodline”, reports The Mirror.

The 42-year-old took to Facebook to vent, with her post later being shared on Reddit.

She wrote: “I’m Gen X, and I have a huge problem with how I am left carrying the weight for Millennials.

“My daughter is 22 and decided a while ago she does not want any kids. She’s actually getting a procedure for sterilisation next year.

“But those souls needing to come into our family for ancestral or karmic reasons still need to be born.

“So I’m stuck birthing and raising two babies who should have been born to her but can’t be because she’s too selfish to have kids.”

People were baffled by the mum’s archaic stance, and slammed her for her attitude.

One wrote: “As a Millennial, it’s exhausting that we’re STILL getting blamed for everything.”

Another said: “Millennials are killing the ‘Have a baby and use their existence to distract you from your problems’ industry.”

Others were quick to point out that if her daughter is 22, then she would actually be classed as Gen X rather than a millennial.

This, however, doesn’t change the fact that an increasing number of young people are choosing not to have children – for a myriad of reasons.

The increased cost of living, shifting career focus, and environmental reasons affect their decisions.

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