Woman freaks out after realising she had just peed on huge 5ft snake in toilet

A woman had a meltdown when she realised she had "just peed on a huge snake".

Christina Phillip went viral this week after posting a video of what she found in her bathroom.

"Look how big it is!" she yelled in the clip.

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Showing what's inside the toilet bowl, a 5ft-long yellow rat snake is seen curling up and looking at Christina.

She sobbed and screamed in a shaken voice: "I just peed! I just peed!"

The video cut when she took a step away from the toilet.

Christina added in the caption: "I've been told I should post this. She was a yellow rat snake and scared me to death."

Viewers shared their thoughts in the comment and many believed Christina "had traumatised the snake".

One wrote: "The snake is like 'calm down, I saw everything'."

Another said: "This is actually one of my intrusive thoughts that while I'm peeing a snake is going to come out of the toilet and bite me."

But some questioned why Christina had not checked beforehand.

"You don't look into the toilet before peeing? It's like crossing the street, you gotta look," a person warned.

Christina later called a snake catcher to retrieve the serpent and she took a picture of her standing next to it.

Two days ago in Leeds, a red snake sneaked onto a train and gave commuters a terrifying ride.

The non-venomous corn snake had an adventure in the carriage as it made a tour among the passengers on a train from Shipley to Leeds.

One person tweeted: "Chaotic scenes on the Shipley to Leeds train. Snake moves. Carriage moves. OH LORD there is an actual SNAKE on this train."

But luckily the snake is now reportedly being looked after by RSPCA.

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