Woman fuming after stock photo of her used on erotic ‘billionaire romance’ novel

A woman who sold a set of stock photos of herself has been horrified to find those same snapshots were used for an erotic novel cover.

Christian Joy Demeritt paid £82 ($100) for a series of photographs of her wearing various coloured t-shirts as she needed some new headshots.

Those pictures meant to give Christian a shot at being an actor, but she has since found herself as the face of an erotic novel in a series called His Big, Childhood Sweetheart.

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Pictured on the front of the 10th book in a 24-strong series of billionaire romance, Christian was less than pleased with her image being slapped on the front of 250 pages worth of smut.

Landing an unexpected part as a cover model for the Samantha Drake-penned piece, it would appear her headshots, which were taken almost 13 years ago, had been sold by her photographer to a stock image website.

One user commenting on a TikTok that explained Christian's situation read: "At least now you're getting exposure and hopefully a good job."

The admittedly hilarious incident stemmed from a photo shoot where the 38-year-old "didn't read the fine print on my headshots contract".

Her photo has since been used alongside a hunky bloke, a big mansion and a font type that may hook its target audience of Americans who used to watch Dallas.

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Over 120,000 likes later and Christian is attempting to use her newfound front cover fame to fund a student movie.

But her first big break comes on the BWWM-published Billionaires Book, with a plot summary reading: "A sexy BBW, childhood sweetheart romance by Samantha Drake of BWWM Club."

The description also notes that the book is: "Suitable for over 18s only due to sizzling hot sex scenes!"

In another TikTok reel, Christian explained how she found out, saying that her headshots had been used on a number of adverts in the past, with one of the earliest being a newspaper that "turned me into the Mona Lisa".

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