Woman panics after capturing footage of ‘UFO’ flying across the Moon

A woman took to TikTok in a panic after spotting what appeared to be a black UFO fly across the moon – and her followers seemed to believe it.

Britt Morel, who posts on the app as @BrittMo77, claims she recorded the mysterious object on May 16, 2022, and shows a zoomed-in version to show the object more clearly.

The clip, which has more than 1.5million likes, was posted with the caption: "OMG!!!! WHAT WAS THAT!!? UFO? Giant ship or small moon? SOMEONE EXPLAIN RIGHT NOW!!!"

In the video, Britt said: "Okay. 30 seconds ago. I just caught something. I'm losing my mind right now. Please tell me what I just saw. Like, look at it, analyse it.

"What did I just catch on the moon? I'm losing my mind. Oh my God. What did I just video? Oh my God. Oh my gosh. What is that? I'm losing my mind."

The mum's viewers flooded the comments with their theories about what she saw.

One user wrote: "It’s just an x-wing that got lost in hyperspace."

Another added: "It's literally an aircraft flying in the sky, you can see the exhaust from both engines and it gives the illusion of dust on the moon."

A third said: "OH MY GOODNESS!! I’m so glad you caught this on camera. SUCH A STABLE VIDEO. THANK YOU. SAVE THIS VIDEO BEFORE TIKTOK TAKES IT DOWN."

A fourth commented: "This is amazing. Assuming this isn’t edited this is groundbreaking (no pun intended) but really though!"

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Creator of the Phineas and Ferb cartoon, Dan Povenmire said: "It’s a plane. The bit that looks like “moon dust” is just the light from the moon refracting through the cape trail behind the plane."

The news comes after a self-proclaimed UFO expert believes he has found more Ancient Egyptian tombs on Mars a week after thinking he only found one last week.

Scott C. Waring posted a new video to YouTube with GigaPan images of the surface of Mars, which he believes shows no less than six of these mysterious structures that he believes resemble the entrance to Rameses tomb.

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