Woman recalls ‘past life’ and reckons she must have died in a fire

A so-called psychic reckons she was burned to death at the stake in a past life and made a TikTok video explaining her unorthodox beliefs.

In the clip, Stephanie @thecelticsbrew who calls herself a "witch, psychic, and friend" says she thinks people who died in a particularly nasty way tend to be scared of what killed them in their "next life".

Stephanie says: "I do past life readings literally all day long and something I've found to be pretty consistent is that those who died by burning at a stake, aren't afraid of fire.

"They're actually pretty fascinated by it.

"I died in a past life by burning at a stake – I'm really connected to fire.

"I think it's really cool. I'm like a low-key pyro.

"And this seems to be really consistent with others."

Stephanie then says that dying by fire in a more conventional way is totally different.

The TikToker says: "But if you die, or someone close to you died, through a fire in a house or a forest fire where you were trapped then it creates a really big fear of fire.

"On either one, it's also normal to like to not to be hot – like, you'd rather freeze to death.

"It can also appear in a child that is literally looking over fire safety plans at night.

"Dying by fire is indicated by red birthmarks."

The video was watched more than 4 million times on the app and many viewers were very taken with the idea and shared stories of their own birthmarks and phobias.

One viewer commented: "OK so all the women in my family have a big red birthmark on the back of our necks just at the hairline. We are all fascinated."

"I don't have red birthmarks but I have general anxiety about fire plans, fire alarms, and just fire safety in general," wrote someone else.

Stephanie says in the comments that a birthmark isn't "confirmation" you've died in a certain way and suggested people get a psychic reading or regression to make sure.

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