Woman spots ‘Skinwalker’ in forest as ‘tree appears to get up and walk away’

A woman claims she has spotted a 'skinwalker' hidden amongst some trees as it appears to 'walk away on its own.'

The footage posted to TikTok by user Shmaelyn shows a tree appearing to move across the skyline which was sent to her by one of her thousands of 'Macabre Happenings' fans.

In the viral video, which now has over a 2.5million likes, she said: "Look at this tree. It kind of looks like it's walking away on its own. So someone sent me this video of a potential Skinwalker in the woods.

"And wait till you see this next part because it's so much worse. Watch this tree right in the middle. Watch. Wait for it like it's just walking away."

The comments were flooded with thousands of bewildered social media users expressing their shock for the find as they said "bro what?!" and "that tree had arms underneath."

However, many were quick to point out that the legendary skinwalker usually transforms into animals – not plants, so they suggested that it was simply being chopped down.

One user said: "Skinwalkers only turn into animals, they're called yee naaldlooshii which means: the one that goes about on all fours (animal)."

Another added: "Skinwalkers don't turn into walking trees."

A third wrote: "Or it’s just getting cut down."

The original legend of the Skinwalker comes from Navajo culture and a skinwalker is described as a type of witch that can transform into different animals.

According to Sky History, some traditions say these creatures were once healers and medicine men who were corrupted by their own power and turned to evil.

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However, nowadays comparisons are frequently made with the Sith Lords of the Star Wars universe. It’s also been said that social transgressions and the breaking of tribal taboos can cause anyone to become a skinwalker.

Last year, TikTok user @itz_louisvuitton, the camera is hanging out of the car as they apparently scour the area for animals.

A voice says: "I think I've seen a buck or something. Wait a minute, that's not a buck."

The camera then focuses on a human-like shape, with pale skin, hurtling towards them – leading many to believe they had encountered a Skinwalker.

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