Woman’s tendon exposed after monster spider bite in middle of night

A woman's tendon became exposed after a monster spider bit her in Brazil and her skin tissue began to disappear.

Parliamentary advisor Raucirene Rodrigues was bitten on her left hand by a brown spider last month and her little red dot evolved into necrosis, when large areas of tissue die due to a lack of blood supply.

According to G1, the woman reported that she was working when she felt something on her hand, then she noticed a red dot on her finger.

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She brushed it off thinking it was some kind of blemish before she awoke in agony in the middle of the night and rushed to hospital.

The condition worsened and once again, three days later, she arrived at a hospital.

The resident of Porto Nacional, over 450 miles north of the capital Brasilia, lost thumb movement and had to have surgery to get rid of the part of the hand suffering from necrosis.

"The doctor on duty looked at it and said it would be a spider bite. He admitted it, did tests and said it was a brown spider bite", she said.

She spent 10 days in hospital then was discharged, and is now undergoing treatment to try to recover her hand movements.

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"The tendon and nerve of the finger were exposed. It is a procedure with local anesthesia to cover the nerve. I have also been to the operating room, they took liquid from the spinal cord and put it on the finger to activate the cells", she said.

"It's been a very painful and slow treatment. The doctor is hopeful, I lost the movement of the finger. I didn't see the spider, but one of the doctors told me that it is very fast and we don't feel it".

Leal Junior reported that the number of accidents with spiders has almost doubled in Tocantins, the state where Porto Nacional is, compared to last year, jumping from 270 to 530.

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