World leaders to find out if aliens do exist when US opens the X Files this week

Politicians will bid to find out if life really is out there at a special hearing into UFO sightings this week.

Intelligence officials at the Pentagon, America’s defence headquarters, will open up their real-life X Files when they are grilled by the US Congress on what they know about aliens on Tuesday.

The summit, the first on alien life in more than 50 years, is part of a serious attempt by the West to find out what is behind a catalogue of UFO sightings.

Congressman Adam Schiff, chairman of the US intelligence committee, said: “This will give the public an opportunity to hear directly from leaders in the intelligence community on one of the greatest mysteries of our time.’’

He said the hearing would “break the cycle of excessive secrecy and speculation with truth and transparency”.

Last year the US released a report cataloguing 144 cases of “unidentified aerial phenomena” since 2004.

More than 250 aliens are reported to have visited Britain in 2021 – with counselling offered to people who say they have been abducted.

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The British UFO Research Association [BUFORA] reckons there were 259 alien sightings last year.

They include claims of various “unexplained phenomena” like little green men, spaceships and abductions.

Bosses at BUFORA, which is dedicated to investigating alien sightings in the UK, say it provides witness support groups for people who say they have encountered aliens.

Explaining a big drop in sightings on the previous year, a spokesman said it was due to Brits realising that the Starlink satellites launched by Space X were not UFOs.

  • Pentagon launches new UFO-hunting agency to assess 'threat' to military aircraft

Hundreds of people have seen bizarre unexplained objects in the sky over the years, including Happy Mondays star Shaun Ryder.

He told the Daily Star that he’s had multiple UFO experiences, including one that took place while he was working on a documentary series about the phenomenon for the History Channel.

"It was 2013,” he recalls, "and I woke up one morning – again – at about seven o’clock, and looked out of my bedroom window."

It was then that he first saw the “twenty foot” object hovering over the apple tree at the bottom of his garden – and thought that the production crew on his show Shaun Ryder on UFOs has rigged up some sort of stunt to wind him up.

“It looked like it was made out of an Airfix kit,” he says. “It was wobbly, it almost looked like it was suspended from strings.”

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