World’s longest cucumber record smashed by green fingered gardener in UK

A gardener based in Britain has smashed the Guinness World Record for the world's longest cucumber.

Green-fingered Sebastian Suski, who was born in Poland but now lives in Southampton, smashed the previous record by 2.5 inches.

He managed to grow the huge vegetable to a whopping length of 3ft and 8.6in.

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But he very nearly missed out on it due to a leaking blood vessel in his head.

He told the Guinness World Records: “Doctor found a leaking blood vessel in in my head and so I spent a week in hospital.

“But luckily my wife, Renata, was on hand to care for the cucumber and keep her well-watered and nourished.

“Without Renata, I wouldn't have this record.

“I'd grown big cucumbers but never quite long enough to beat the existing Guinness World Records title holder.”

For those thinking that growing giant cucumbers is an easy thing to do, you are sorely mistaken.

For Sebastian explained that there are many dangers in cucumber growing – such as it actually exploding on you.

He explained: “I've tracked the seed back 15 years to record-breaking specimens from the UK to Germany to Poland and back to the UK again.

“Growing super-long cucumbers is a risky business.

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“If you cut too soon, you're not going to have a record-breaker, but if you leave it too long, you get into the danger zone.

“You risk your cucumber rotting as it grows.

“You don't want it exploding on you!"

Sebastian volunteers for the European Giant Vegetable Growers Association, which is a support group for fans of garden giants, and now is an international officer for the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth.

Now it has been cut, Sebastian has around 10 days to finish eating the giant beast – or he could just chuck it onto a compost heap and use it to break his own record next year.

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