World’s most chilling exorcisms – vomiting nails, barking, superhuman strength

The world’s most chilling exorcisms have seen people subjected to terrifying rituals and led to nightmarish results.

With shocking outcomes, the efforts to rid people of demons and spirits have seen regular Joes go through hell – with very real impacts on their bodies and minds.

Big examples of the rituals have been present for years, with a variety of different approaches, some cases have come as recently as 2015.

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The lengths people have gone to rid themselves of evil spirits is shocking. Read on for some of the wildest events in history.

Gottliebin Dittus – 1842

One of the earlier cases and one of the most chilling, the exorcism of Gottliebin Dittus saw the 28-year-old German woman, who claimed her home was haunted, passing in and out of “trance-like” states.

The pastor who gave her the exorcism induced her to vomit – but rather than the usual bile legend has it that she churned up glass, nails and blood.

Clara Germana Cele – 1906

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Clara Cele, 16, from South Africa, allegedly began to act erratically after she was ‘overheard making a pact with the devil’.

Her actions got stranger with some even claiming she began to growl and tear her clothes, exhibiting ‘superhuman strength’.

Her ‘skin burned’ when she was exorcised with holy water across the years of 1906 and 1907,Reader’s Digestreports.

It was claimed that, in front of 170 witnesses, she began to levitate and a ‘noxious smell’ was noted to be leaving her body.

Roland Doe – 1949

This tale is the one the film The Exorcist is based on, seeing 13-year-old lad Roland Doe – although this isn’t his real name due to privacy reasons – showing violent super-human strength.

He had a week-long exorcism in St. Louis in 1949 known as the “the St. Louis Exorcism” after he had begun to act strangely following the death of his aunt.

After much screaming and shouting, he is understood to have chillingly and cooly stated “he’s gone”.

His exorcists labelled it a “miracle”.

Gina’s exorcism – 1990

Towards the end of the 20th century a New York girl, Gina, was exorcised by Reverend James LeBar on the authority of the archbishop of New York, Cardinal John O’Connor, and the Vatican.

Gina was from Florida and her terrifying demon removal was televised after the fact on TV network ABC in 1991.

She barked in a way that made no sense and the bishop, pressing a cross on her face, promised the demons – Gina – pain if they wanted it.

The event wasn’t well received, with Newsweek describing it as “little more than the gratuitous torment of a deeply disturbed young girl.”

Laura’s exorcism – 2015

Laura, 22, was exorcised in Argentina by Bishop Manuel Acuna – and the chilling event saw the woman, of modern times, react wildly.

She allegedly squirmed and shouted, banging her head and swearing at the top of her voice as she writhed.

Her demons are understood to have left her with the Bishop making a cross over her afterwards.

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