‘World’s most flexible girl’ Brit gymnast sets record for spine-bending twist

A 14-year-old Brit gymnast who is a current contestant in Spain’s Got Talent is making an appearance in the Guinness Book of Records after setting a flexibility record.

Liberty Barros, 14, set the spine-bending record in her home gym in Peterborough on October 5, Cambridgeshire Live reported.

Known as the "the world’s most flexible girl", the teenager set a world record for the most number of repetitions of the most flexible backbend movement in the world, named the 'Liberty Low Down'.

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Liberty was able to complete an impressive 11-and-a-half repetitions of the movement in just 30 seconds.

The teenager set the record for the new challenge the Guinness World Records team created for her.

Raam Barros, Liberty's father, took time to praise Spiral, the gymnastics club where Liberty trains.

He said: "Around Peterborough and Cambridge it's one of the best places in the UK for gymnastics.

"It's difficult to find a club that take on boys but Spiral does."

Katherine Everett, the owner of Spiral and former Olympic gymnast, was praised from Raam for allowing Liberty to train and film her performance with Spain's Got Talent in the confines of the gym.

Raam added: "This particular record I find to be particularly hard on the body, I'm not a fan of getting practitioners to do this move. Most people can't do a complete squat to the floor let alone this move.

“The thing with her is she's got so much going on, we're preparing her for the next round of Spain's Got Talent, so it’s been difficult to manage big events around the same time.

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"She's got to do meetings with producers, she has to eat right and get the correct nutrients in. You have to remember she's an athlete so she trains four or five hours a day."

Despite being just 14 years old, Liberty has become something of a gymnastics starlet after racking up millions of views on TV and social media.

As she currently competes for a semi-final place in Spain’s Got Talent, Liberty's father said despite the attention she's received, her focus remains on her craft and studies.

"She's very focussed on being better, not just in flexibility, but in her studies, it's quite peculiar," he said.

"From our perspective there was a massive lockdown, where she didn’t see anyone, then the next thing is she’s meeting up at a Youtuber meet surrounded by lots of screaming people in Birmingham."


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