You can save £100 on this highly-rated robot vacuum cleaner

No time to spring clean? This top-rated robot vacuum cleaner that doubles as a mop is £100 off at Amazon right now

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If you feel like you’re fighting a constant battle against household dust and dirt, then outsourcing some tasks with the help of a robot vacuum could save you valuable time and effort. 

According to over 600 impressive five-star reviews, the Lefant M213 Robot Vacuum Cleaner performs just as well as premium-priced robot vacuums but at a much more reasonable price. Better still, it’s now even cheaper at just £139.99 (was £239.99).

Picking up all kinds of debris in a single pass, the powerful suction, 360-degree detection and large anti-spill dust box means it’s perfectly suited to help your house stay clean and tidy. 

Helping hand: The highly-rated Lefant M213 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is now 42 per cent off in the Amazon Spring Sale, now £100 off the listed price

The Lefant M213 smart robot vacuum is equipped with features to help take the hassle out of a handheld vacuum. 

With four cleaning modes, you can control where you need cleaning. Thanks to the powerful 2200Pa suction, it can pick up debris easily, while the large bin and anti-drop and anti-collision tech will mean you won’t have to worry about the device.

Not only does it vacuum your home without assistance, but the Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner is also small enough to fit underneath your furniture, cleaning where you can’t. 

A revelation in your battle against pet hair, crumbs, dirt and mud, it’s ideal for busy families. And for those with pets, the strong suction power and unique inlet design means it does not clog with pet’s hair like other robot vacuums with a rotating brush.

Better still, it doesn’t have to cost you the earth, now just £139.99 in the Amazon Spring Sale – that’s a saving of £100. 

Its streamline design also effectively prevents the robot vacuum from getting stuck.

Unlike some robot vacuums, the Lefant Robot Vaccum Cleaner has four cleaning modes: automatic, planning, fixed point and edge, so you can carefully clean every corner of your home without actually lifting a finger.

Targeted to solve the day to day dust, hair and debris around the house, the Lefant cleaner is a highly-recommended buy with shoppers looking to reap the benefits of a robot vacuum without the premium price tag. 

The ultra-thin design prevents it from getting stuck under furniture, whilst the clever 11 electronic sensors with high sensitivity improves the coverage. 

And, as floor waste is sucked directly into the 500ml dustbin, it solves the shortcomings of a roller brush which can become entangled hair. 

All dust and dirt are sucked directly into the 500ml dustbin, solving the shortcomings of a roller brush which can become entangled hair

The affordable vacuum cleaner offers many useful perks that are found in premium-priced models. It’s even equipped with a dry cloth and a disposable wet cloth that allows you to clean the floor thoroughly without the need for a water tank.

The Lefant M213 Robot Vacuum Cleaner has been hailed as an ‘unexpectedly fabulous time saver’, ‘a revelation’ and a ‘total game changer’.

One impressed shopper raved: ‘With three kids and animals, it feels like a constant battle to keep the dust/ dirt under control’. They went on to write, ‘The floors have never been so clean. I can’t believe how much dust keeps coming up. The carpets look amazing. The unexpected bonus is it’s quite hypnotic to watch.’ 

Another agreed, adding: ‘For the price, this robot vacuum will not disappoint. I was amazed how much it picked up in that short time space. The suction power bowled me over. 

‘It’s so easy to turn on and forget about it due to how quiet it is. We’ve also tried it on the landing and watched while it diverted itself away when it came close to the top of the stairs. Very intelligent little thing.’ 

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