A Place in the Sun: Jasmine Harman fumes as guests turn down property ‘Are you serious?’

A Place in the Sun: Couple say property is ‘too isolated’

Jasmine Harman, 45, was on hand to help Mandy and Paul from Sussex make a permanent move to the Alicante region of Spain. With a budget of £185,000, the host was adamant she would be able to find the couple their dream home that they would share with their six cats and one dog. Some of the specifications the pair had included being on the edge of the town of Dolares so they were close to amenities, having a nice garden, three bedrooms and a swimming pool. Though, they weren’t too happy with one of the properties the presenter of the Channel 4 show took them to.

The first property Jasmine wanted to show the pair was a three-bedroom villa in Catral, which was on the market for just over £177,000.

Detached from other homes on the strip, the features of the villa included a large lounge with feature fireplace, fully fitted kitchen, a private swimming pool and landscaped gardens.

Both Mandy and Paul were pleased with the presenter’s find, telling the host it had given them “a lot to think about”.

Next up was a three-bedroom villa in San Bartolome which the property expert was sure would grab the couple’s attention.

Unfortunately, as soon as they stepped onto the driveway, the husband and wife couldn’t hide how disappointed they were.

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Valued at £185,000, which was the top end of their budget, the pair had to admit on first impressions this one probably wouldn’t be for them.

With the potential buyers admitting they felt “isolated”, the presenter hit back as she asked: “Are you serious? This is so much closer to amenities.”

The home was just a few minutes away from the town centre and boasted features such as a fully fitted kitchen with dining space, a covered terrace area and a swimming pool.

Despite all of this, the husband and wife couldn’t see themselves living there, especially as the realised one of their neighbours would overlook them.

“I’m a little disappointed with your reactions,” the presenter remarked, before assuring her guests she was going to do better.

Are you serious?

Jasmine Harman

The third property was a three-bedroom villa in Callosa de Segura valued at just under £170,000 and it was mixed reactions from the pair.

Although Paul was impressed with the initial of the property, Mandy couldn’t get over the fact there was a telephone mast on their doorstep.

Jasmine told her there was a palm tree blocking its view but the guest wasn’t convinced by the host’s efforts to change her mind.

Even though they had a good look around the home, the husband and wife were still divided by the end of the showing.

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On to the penultimate property and Mandy was so overwhelmed, she ended up getting emotional at the prospect of living in the four-bedroom villa in Catral

Valued at £194,000, Paul wasn’t as impressed by the home, leaving Jasmine confused as to how she could get both of them to agree.

The villa offered panoramic mountain views, a large garden area with a private swimming pool, rooftop solarium, spacious lounge/diner and a fully-fitted kitchen.

As there was still some division, the presenter was hoping her final offering would see the husband and wife agree to put down roots.

Property number five was a three-bedroom house in Catral, offering features such as a large lounge/diner area, American style kitchen and a private swimming pool.

On the market for just under £173,000, the home was well within their budget and both guests were finally in agreement they loved the property.

By the end of the viewing, they told Jasmine they were willing to put in an offer of the asking price the agents were hoping for.

The presenter then made the phone call and told Mandy and Paul they were now the proud owners of a villa in Spain.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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