Aaron and his dad sue Amy for libel over rape allegation in Corrie

In a bid to keep his son’s name in a positive light, Eric decides to sue Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) in upcoming Coronation Street episodes.

While Amy’s case was dropped by the police, she’s been determined to not let Aaron (James Craven) move on from the sexual assault a few months ago.

Soon, Amy takes further action by telling Mia that she was raped by her new boyfriend, but she doesn’t believe her.

Aaron later explains to Mia that he slept with Amy once, she cried rape but then changed her mind and the police dropped the case.

Meanwhile, DS Swain (Vicky Myers) calls at No.1 and tells Amy that a serious allegation of harassment has been made against her.

Furious at the injustice of her situation, Amy decides to write about the ordeal and later posts it online.

Making the situation public knowledge then causes Aaron to lose his job at the garage.

Calling at the Barlow’s, Eric announces that he’s suing Amy for libel and when she receives a letter from Eric’s solicitor, who orders her to take down her post, Steve (Simon Gregson) tries to tell Amy that she should stick to her guns.

However, Dee-Dee (Channique Sterling-Brown) later warns them that a libel case could end up costing a fortune.

So, what will the family do?

Will Amy take the post down, or is she about to go to court with Eric and Aaron?

‘Amy didn’t even think about the consequences when she put it online, she just wanted everyone to know’, Elle Mulvaney said, reflecting on Amy’s decision to post the letter online.

‘And as far as she was aware, Eric was nowhere to be seen. Eric had been off in rehab, he was the last of her thoughts but then he comes back into the picture and he is a nasty man. He basically just rocks up at the house and says a letter will be delivered. He instantly bags his son and tells them he’s going to sue for everything they’ve got.

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