American Pickers star Mike Wolfe's girlfriend Leticia Cline says she 'facetunes' pics & gets 'Botox, facials & fillers'

AMERICAN Pickers star Mike Wolfe's girlfriend Leticia Cline admitted she "facetuned" pics & gets "Botox, facials & fillers."

The 42-year-old recently shared footage of herself on social media getting facial injections.

Last week, the Beauty and the Geek alum wrote a message to her fans on Instagram about "normalizing what makes you happy" without "judgment" or "criticism."

Along with a photo of herself, gazing out the window while behind the wheel of an old-fashioned car, Leticia revealed that she altered the photo to "make her eyes look brighter."

She also explained why she regularly gets "facials, botox and fillers" to "persevere her outside."

The post read: "Can we normalize doing what makes you happy?

"We’re so quick to judge and label others for just about anything they do when really we know nothing about them and their lives at all. We all cry out for honesty then make it nearly impossible for anyone to live an honest life in fear of being criticized.

"What’s ironic is that the people that are criticizing others for things that don’t hurt anyone are actually the ones causing the damage.

"I face tuned this photo to make my eyes brighter >swipe to see the before. I also recently posted that I get facials, botox, and fillers. Why? Because I wanted to. When we’re not honest about beauty then we create a false sense of reality. I did not wake up like this. I’m an aging retired model that had my growing old documented for over 30 years on film. I’m not having an easy time with it but I’m making the most of it the way I want to. I publish my journey to help others to not feel guilty about theirs and to also educate them on what I’ve learned. Just because I want to persevere my outside doesn’t mean I’m hiding my inside," she added.

She continued: "We’re only on this planet for a little while so why not do what makes you happy.

"So have your pumpkin spice latte and avocado toast, create an only fans guilt free, decorate for Christmas as early as you want, take a million selfies and only post one, get f***king botox if you want and do whatever harmless thing you want to do with your own life that you’ve managed to find a sliver of happiness out of and stop worrying about what others think.

"And thank you @atallamd for educating me on how best to preserve my face without damaging or looking fake."


Earlier this month, the reality star posted a photo to her Instagram Stories of her lying in a doctor's chair with her eyes closed while a plastic surgeon inserted a long needle into her cheek.

The TV personality captioned her picture: "Dr Durnen knows how to sculpt a face."

Later, Leticia disclosed that she was "getting facial fillers because she's in her 40's and wants to get rid of the "sunken' look on her face."


Last month, TMZ revealed that American Pickers' Mike, 57, was dating the model, after finalizing his divorce from Jodi Catherine Wolfe in November.

Previously, the Maxim star shared a heated message about men trying to "shut her up" and "intimidate" her.

She claimed: "I’ve never been more bullied in my life than I have recently as a councilwoman.

"You’d think I’m living in the 1940’s the way some of these men try and shut me up when I speak which is why I love it when Facebook gives you reminders such as these, only I didn’t need the reminding because I know that my life has always been where it should be and I haven’t let any boundary hold me back.

"Just like this moment, I’m right there at the starting gate in a sea of men (some of the top riders in the world) ready to throttle it out till the finish line.

"So if any of the 'men' in my town think I’m even the slightest bit intimidated after I have risked my life over and over doing what I love and believe in then this reminder is for them."

Leticia continued: "My whole life I have evolved from student, mother, model, racer, journalist, community leader and preservationist because I’m addicted to learning and a learner is what I consider a dangerous individual because you don’t have to take anyone else’s word for it.

"I have been training for this moment right now. Thank you to the people who helped along the way. #onestepahead."


Despite there being very little information on the timeline of Mike and Leticia's relationship, a source recently disclosed that they are "pretty serious."

The pair were previously friends, as a photo surfaced of the Kentucky native alongside her man in 2018.

Mike divorced his wife Jodi after 10 years of marriage this past Fall, citing irreconcilable differences.

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