Anne Hegerty landed job on The Chase after ‘fighting off muggers’, says ITV boss

Anne Hegerty was cast on The Chase after fighting off a gang of muggers, ITV boss Sue Allison revealed.

The professional quizzer – fondly known as The Governess on the beloved daytime show – has been a regular member on Bradley Walsh’s gameshow since 2010.

After the show launched back in 2009, TV producers had been searching far and wide for a new Chaser and were eager to throw a strong female character into the mix.

And it’s not hard to see why the brainbox caught their attention after the star wrote a compelling letter to bosses telling them she was a strong woman both mentally and physically.

On Tuesday (May 24), the Chase producer appeared in a new instalment of the TV Show and Tell podcast where she revealed what convinced them to involve her into the show.

She told listeners: “For the series I really wanted the third chaser to be a woman, a strong woman who could hold her own and could be completely herself.

“That was quite a hard task. We saw quite a lot of people. There were really good quizzers on the circuit, that was the most important thing first and foremost.

“The people that we met were quite often great quizzers but they were just a bit too nice.”

Sue went on to explain how Anne’s application for the show made her stand out from the rest of the quizzers trying to get a place on the show.

She continued: “When we got a letter from Anne, she wrote into the team and said something like she ‘realised what kind of character you needed to be’ because she’d seen the pilot series.

“And she realised you needed to be quite tough, and she had once chased off a couple of muggers.

“I remember getting this letter and thinking, ‘Come on, be as good as you sound’ and she was.”

And it’s fair to say show bosses were blown away with Anne’s charm and wit after she auditioned for the role.

But the TV producer confirmed that one of the main concerns was how they were going to develop her character on the show.

Sue added: “I think the challenge with Anne was how do we get the look? Because outside of The Chase her style is, she wears these gorgeous floaty, quite floral outfits, which is obviously completely wrong for a Chaser.

“So I remember the day our wardrobe designer took her off to the shops to find something.

“Then this picture comes back of her looking like Mrs Trunchball, and it was like ‘Yes, that’s the one’. She has been a genius from the start.

“She just got it. She’s actually a brilliant actress and she delivers those lines so perfectly when she comes out. Her comic timing is absolutely spot on,” she concluded.

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