Antiques Roadshow guest left 'tearful and breathless' as she learns life-changing truth behind grandmother's brooch | The Sun

ONE Antiques Roadshow guest was left absolutely floored as they learned the true value of their grandmother's brooch.

The moment came as the BBC One show took a trip to Scotland for its latest episode.

Fiona Bruce and her trusty team of experts were at Brodie Castle in Morayshire as they oversaw a slew of items all ranging in value.

However, there was one treasured find that stood out clearly among the rest.

Speaking to jewellery expert Susan Rumfitt, the guest showed off a brooch that had "been passed down" through her family to her and confessed that it was something she only ever wore in the evenings.

Instantly taken by the item, Susan confessed that it dated all the way back to the 1930s as she told the lady: ‘It’s got a sense of theatre about it, sort of plays away on its own with its beautiful diamonds. It’s magnetic."

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Susan also admitted that it had a series of unique elements to it.

She revealed that often brooches of that kind would be able to be separated but that this one remained solidly as a one-piece.

Susan also identified "14 carats" – a revelation that the left the woman breathless.

When it came to the valuation – it was clear that the guest was about to be impressed, but even she did not appear to expect the true valuation it recieved.

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Expert Susan told her: "In an auction, I’d expect it to fetch in excess of £20,000."

Aghast at what she had heard, the guest admitted she was close to tears as the crowd gave her a round of applause for owning such an item.

She said: "Oh my goodness! Taking my breath away that.

"That’s amazing, brings tears to my eyes."

Commenting on the moment online, one BBC One viewer said: "£20,000 wow, it’s even more beautiful than I first thought… #antiquesroadshow."

Another laughed: "That brooch is literally eye catching. It’ll take your eyes out!"

As a third penned: "Drooling looking at all those diamonds…"

Antiques Roadshow airs Sundays at 8pm on BBC One.

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