Anton Du Beke on closest Strictly competition call to win Glitterball

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When questioned who will win the Glitterball and be the winner of Strictly Come Dancing 2022, Anton, 56, replied: “Well I am disappointed because I put all my money on Kaye Adams! But seriously no, I don’t know.”

Loose Women star Kaye Adams departed the dancefloor on week two after scoring only 22 points.

Anton further discusses why the competition is a close call: “I was having a conversation with myself the other night while I was judging.”

“Someone dances and I go ‘seven’ and another person dances and I go ‘six’, then ‘seven’. So I am judging a lot of these people the same.”

“Why am I doing that? Well, she’s got a bit of a problem with that, he’s got a bit of a problem with that up there, and they all have a bit of a problem but their level is pretty even.”

“So I am coming up with the same marks because they are pretty even for different reasons. Every now and again you get one and you go ‘marvellous’.”

“The other evening I thought Kym was marvellous. But she just danced in a way I really loved to see.”

“It was clean and it was characterised and didn’t miss a thing. Then Tyler and Diane did equally brilliant.”

“It is a very even year – there will be lots of moments when people have great nights.”

Speaking at the Cheltenham Literature Festival to promote his new novel The Ballroom Blitz which is set in the dance world of 1940.

Anton shared his experience of being on Strictly for two decades as a professional dancer, he said: “I remember early on I realised it was not all about me.

“You didn’t have to prove anything – it said professional dancer on your dressing room door.

“And the second thing was to be yourself, not to try to be Fred Astaire or anybody else because you are being filmed all day.”

“If they find you funny then great, but be yourself. That philosophy stayed with me.”

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