Bachelor's Taylor Nolan apologizes for past 'racist & homophobic' tweets after she slammed disgraced host Chris Harrison

BACHELOR alum Taylor Nolan has apologized for her "racist" and "homophobic" tweets from 2011 and 2012.

The mental health counselor, 28, mocked Indian, Black, Asian and Jewish people in several posts, while others contained homophobic slurs and fat-shaming and spoke insensitively of rape.

Taylor's tweets resurfaced online after she called for Bachelor host Chris Harrison to be fired for "defending racism".

She wrote in one post: "Cold stone population: fat Asians… fat white people… Jews… and skinny black people."

Another read: "That awkward moment when you literally cannot understand anything that the Chinese lady is saying doing your toes. English please?"

A third offensive tweet said: "Indian guys: please shower before hitting the club or coming anywhere near me. Thanks."

Taylor also used homophobic language in several tweets, telling one user: "All of your tweets are f***y and gay. I hate you."

The reality star – whose mother is white and father is African-American – also made comments about rape that offended fans.

She wrote in one resurfaced tweet: "Why do people need to share their rape stories in class? Awkward."

In another, she posted: "You're gonna rape everyone there. You're the best. You're gonna win. Woo!"

Taylor also joked that a "fat man" in her elevator should be "taking the steps" and talked about "pretty people" who "got fat".

The counselor – who appeared on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor in 2017 – apologized in a lengthy statement on Instagram on Sunday.

“My tweets from ten years ago are s**ty, they suck, they were wrong, and are hurtful,” she wrote.

“I want to be clear that they don’t take away from the work I do today, they are literally how I got here to doing this work."

“To my fellow BIPOC community and the other folks who I harmed in those tweets, I see you, I hope you see me, we are in this together and I’m sorry I didn’t always stand with you,” she continued.

“I’m sorry I centered my whiteness and the whiteness around me. I’m sorry I wasn’t better then, but I am here now and will always be.”

Taylor admitted she used to "uphold white supremacy" growing up and had "internalized racism".

"A lot of that [her past tweets] stems from my own internalized racism from growing up in a white supremacist culture, from experiencing the racism that I did and thinking falsely that I could protect myself by being close to whiteness," she said on her Instagram Stories.

"That was how I protected myself, that was, honestly, my trauma response, was upholding white supremacy, which obviously, I speak out a lot on today and that's because I very well know how to see when someone is doing it, because I used to do it."

She clarified that she doesn't hold the same views she did 10 years ago.

“Consider giving me an inkling of grace that we’re often so quickly to give people like Chris after just an apology, without seeing any of the work being done. I’ve been doing the work,” she pleaded.

She added that she has temporarily disabled comments on her Instagram posts due to "extreme harassment and death threats".

Taylor was one of many Bachelor Nation stars who criticized Chris Harrison for defending Bachelor star Rachael Kirkconnell'sattendance at a "racist" antebellum plantation-style party in 2018.

Chris "stepped away" from the franchise after suggesting that Rachael's behavior was okay in 2018, but not in 2021 and for saying he's not the "woke police".

Rachael also issued an apology after photos resurfaced showing her at the Old South style party.

Critics branded Taylor a "hypocrite" for calling out Chris, after her offensive tweets emerged on Twitter and Reddit over the weekend.

"Not a good look then or now. Why are the most vocal people the biggest hypocrites?" one wrote.

Another added: "Everyone, even taylor nolan, needs to be held accountable when they've been racist, homophobic, etc. everyone. Her growth journey can be real, but accountability for harmful actions needs to also be real."

Taylor first appeared on The Bachelor in 2017, before going on season four of Bachelor in Paradise, where she met Derek Peth.

The couple got engaged after the show, but broke up in June 2018.

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