BBC EastEnders fans complain over ‘shaky cam’ that looks like ‘the news’

EastEnders fans were left complaining over "shaky" camera work during Thursday night's episode.

The dramatic episodes saw Kathy's cafe go up in flames, with Bobby, Peter, and Rocky all inside, and it was in these scenes, with Kathy stuck outside, that fans said looked more like a news report than EastEnders, with shake camera movements and zoom-ins on characters.

And as the scenes aired, fans took to X, formerly Twitter, to share their thoughts, with one complaining: "the camera work on #Eastenders tonight seems a bit wobbly."

"What in the BBC breaking news bulletin was this camera work #eastenders #kathy" added another. While a third quipped that it was "giving live episode vibes."

However, not all viewers were critical of the unexpected camera work, as one tweeted "Great episode of Eastenders. Explosive stuff. Loved the camera work giving it a live feel at times. Rocky what have you done?! #Eastenders."

And another argued: "Loved the camera work in tonight's episode too, made it really dramatic! #EastEnders."

Others were quick to compare the shaky filming and dramatic zoom-ins to Casualty, which often makes use of similar filming tactics.

The cafe fire is set to prove deadly for one Walford resident, although it remains to be seen whose life it will claim.

Thursday's episode ended with Rocky waking up in hospital, a few hours after he set the fire, meaning that if he survives then he could be responsible for the deaths of one, or two, of his wife's grandsons.

Rocky is secretly in debt after gambling his money away, and he owes Walford villain Nish Panesar a lot of money, leading him to set the cafe ablaze in the hopes of receiving insurance money.

His plan hit a snag however after Bobby entered the cafe to put the fire out, before accidentally switching on the gas and causing an explosion.

If Rocky does indeed survive the fire, the character could still end up being killed off as actor Brian Conley has announced that he will be departing the soap.

Posting a video to his Instagram page, Brian said: "You may have heard reports that I’m leaving EastEnders and it was a tough decision, but it is true, I am going.

“I made it for many reasons that decision and it’s tough because they’re such a wonderful crowd in front of the cameras and behind the cameras and I have loved my three years there.

“So that’s the truth in the reports. There’s other parts of reports saying that I clashed with TV bosses and the crew, I didn’t clash with anyone, I didn’t have a rant.”

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