BBC presenter in sex pic scandal ‘demanded mum stops investigation’

The BBC star said to be at the centre of a sex picture scandal reportedly called the mother of the person they had messaged and asked her to stop an investigation into them.

The presenter – who has since been suspended by the Beeb – allegedly rang the person asking “what have you done?”

The Sun claims he also spoke to the individual and asked them to get their mum to “stop the investigation”. It comes as the Government demanded answers from BBC top brass and the Met Police has reportedly been contacted about the incident.

And BBC sources have today admitted the corporation has “started to receive calls from the public” about the individual at the centre of the allegations.

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The Sun says the family of the young person – who was a teenager at the time of the exchange but is now 20 – are annoyed at a statement put out by the broadcaster.

The corporation said “new allegations” came to light on Thursday. But the family claim no one ever spoke to them for a proper interview after the initial complaint.

On Saturday, the family reportedly handed a dossier of evidence to the broadcaster’s lead investigator, ex-cop Jeff Brown. The claims include one that the presenter has given the youngster over £35,000 since they were 17.

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The Sun on Sunday said the mother and family complained in May but became frustrated to see the star remained on air. They also claim the teen used the man’s alleged funds to fuel a drug addiction.

She said they had gone from a “happy-go-lucky youngster to a ghost-like crack addict” in just three years. Several top BBC stars have already said it is not them.

Earlier Culture Secretary Ms Frazer said Mr Davie had reassured her the broadcaster was “investigating swiftly and sensitively”. She said: “Given the nature of the allegations it is important that the BBC is now given the space to conduct its investigation, establish the facts and take appropriate action. I will be kept updated.”

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