BBC viewers hit out at royal expert after speculation about the Queen’s health

Viewers have slammed the BBC for their coverage surrounding Her Majesty, The Queen’s Health.

The broadcasting corporation has come under fire from viewers online after they tuned in to watch the latest news and updates on the status of the 96-year-old Monarch.

Earlier today Buckingham Palace released a rare statement, where they revealed Doctors were “concerned for Her Majesty’s health” as members of the Royal Family are rushing to Balmoral to be by Her Majesty's side.

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The statement read: “Following further evaluation this morning, The Queen’s doctors are concerned for Her Majesty’s health and have recommended she remain under medical supervision.”

The Palace added: “The Queen remains comfortable and at Balmoral.

Whilst viewers flocked to social media in their droves to slam the news channel’s coverage of the developing story after royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell took to the studio to report, speculate and give his insight.

One viewer wrote: “@BBCNews how have you left Nicholas Witchel unchallenged after saying HM probably has gout, live on tv. The odious man telling people not to speculate, after saying that. What a k**b.”

Another viewer wrote: “Royal Reporter Nicholas Witchel the living cadaver”

A third noted: “It's going to be full of the weasel Nicholas Witchel”

A fourth commented: “Agreed. I’ve stopped watching BBC News because I am sick of Nicholas Witchell’s speculation. Watching Sky instead – much more respectful and thoughtful”

Whilst another wrote: “Nicholas Witchell has been appalling.”

A sixth exclaimed: “Even more tasteless for BBC's Royal correspondent, Nicholas Witchell, to speculatively link stress over Harry & Meghan with Queen's condition”

Viewers were also quick to note that the anchor BBC Huw Edwards started presenting coverage in a black tie as normal programming on BBC One has been suspended until 6pm.

One viewer wrote: “My friends outside of The UK might not appreciate how significant this is. Huw Edwards is the presenter for all major events (elections, Royal events etc) so to have wheeled him out in a black tie at this time of day means The BBC are expecting the worst.”

Another commented: “I think the BBC have been black-tie when she's been ill one or two times before, but yea it's a rare occurrence still”

A third wrote: “Oh shit, a BBC reporter switched to a black tie.”

A fourth commented: “Exactly BBC presenter in black tie as well”

Another noted: “BBC newscasters wearing black tie and black jacket, not typical”


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