'Below Deck Sailing Yacht': Dani Soares Reveals Her Daughter's Name and an Update on Motherhood

Dani Soares from Below Deck Sailing Yacht revealed that she named her newborn daughter Lilly and chatted with Alli Dore and Daisy Kelliher, while at the same time nursing her baby.

“It’s one way I know she’ll be quiet and a little nap after so it’s perfect,” Soares laughed on the stew’s Instagram “Pita Party.” Soares recently shared her daughter’s first Instagram photo and the infant is crying. “Let me introduce you to baby Soares. This pic is a perfect representation of what the first week has been for both of us,” she wrote.

Dani Soares admits being a single mother is a huge challenge

“For her, it’s like breastfeeding, she literally falls asleep straight away,” Soares said. “She’s so milk drunk that she gets off the boob and is like …” Soares made a blissed-out face. Kelliher also asked about nursing with breast implants.

“Yeah, I was told by the consultant at the hospital, she was like, you probably not going to be able to breastfeed,” Soares shared. “Your milk is probably gonna be sh*t. Your boobs are gonna be this and that. And I have so much milk and she’s latching so well. So it’s all good.” Soares added that the way her implants were surgically placed made a difference and could be why she can breastfeed.

Dore asked Soares how she is settling in as a new mom. “It’s OK … it’s a lot,” she admitted. “I don’t recommend being a single mom. And let me make it clear to everybody – I did not plan this. I did not plan to move to a f**king new country and having a baby by myself. It is really hard. But it’s getting better. I’m learning. Managing to feed her properly was my biggest worry in the beginning. And she is managing to do it alright.”

Hannah Ferrier from ‘Below Deck Med’ will hopefully be visiting Dani Soares soon

Soares and former chief stew Hannah Ferrier from Below Deck Mediterranean planned to meet up. Ferrier told the Below Deck Sailing Yacht stews last week she planned to stop by and give Soares some mommy help. Unfortunately, the meetup hasn’t occurred yet. “She got confused where I lived,” Soares said. “So she will come this week. She is really busy as well.”

“I left the house once so far,” Soares laughed. She added that her roommate is helping her out. “My roommate brings me groceries when I need, but she’s really busy as well,” Soares said. “So she’s is working and she’s too studying. I have some friends that come over sometimes.”

That’s when Soares announced her daughter’s name. “So friends came over to see Lilly,” she said smiling. “But she’s having her own kind of routine at the moment. So she sleeps most days. Like there’s a part of the afternoon she sleeps longer. And like that’s when I sleep as well. So my friends have to come over earlier during the day.” Soares added that she also only allows vaccinated people to visit her child too. “Because she doesn’t have any immunity [to Covid],” Soares added.

But Soares said she is slowly figuring out motherhood. For instance, she showered and had the baby in her bouncer seat in the bathroom with her.

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