Below Deck’s Captain Lee speaks on industry reaction to the Bravo show

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Star of the Bravo yachting reality series, Captain Lee Rosbach has been a huge fan favourite since he first sailed onto screens in 2013. However, this would not have been the case had he listened to critics who urged him not to feature on Below Deck. 

As fans await the release of season 10, it would be hard to picture anyone other than the long-standing Captain Lee leading the team of crew members. 

He has since become a fan-favourite and was even nicknamed stud of the sea by adoring viewers. 

Even after he was temporarily replaced by Captain Sean Meagher, fans threatened to switch off until the network confirmed he would return. 

Although he has sailed the show into eight seasons of success which sparked the release of four spin-offs, Captain Lee revealed he was warned against starring on the show.

Sandy agreed: “When it first started, our industry hated it. They deplored it.

“I’m like, ‘Well, that really happens in our industry,’ and I think they didn’t like it because it really showed what really happened.”

Below Deck became a huge success as it showed fans an unfiltered depiction of what takes place on a charter. 

While fans got an insight into what the roles and responsibilities were for a crew member, they also saw the shocking drama which would take place. 

As well as catering to demanding, affluent guests, the yachties would often find themselves in booze-fuelled arguments with each other. 

This would often take place after a night out in the town where they had anchored or if there was jealousy surrounding an onboard romance. 

The wild parties would also have viewers tuned in each week as they watched the crew ensure the safety of each drunk guest. 

However, this didn’t always go to plan as charter guest Delores drunkenly jumped off the yacht and into the ocean at night during season 11.

This didn’t go down well with Captain Lee who was furious and threatened to end the charter early. 

After he calmed down, he ultimately decided Delores should leave to ensure no other guest would be tempted to take a dive. 

However, after her departure, she defended her actions and said: “You know, the water was just beautiful, I don’t know what to say, it was calling my name.

Speaking on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Delores added: “It was warm, it was lovely, and I felt the need to bond with the ocean.”

Below Deck seasons 1-9 are available on Bravo in the US and available on Hayu in the UK.

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