Billy Eichner’s ‘Bros’ Movie Trailer Is a Huge Step for White Muscle Gays

The trailer to Billy Eichner’s Bros finally hit the Internet, which marks the introduction to a historic move in the Hollywood landscape for LGBTQ storytelling. However, the reactions are predictably mixed, as the story inspires some and upsets others. The Bros trailer is a huge step in the representation of white muscle gays.

Billy Eichner’s ‘Bros’ is a historic win for mainstream LGBTQ filmmaking

Bros is making history as the first gay romantic comedy featuring an all LGBTQ principal cast made by a major Hollywood studio, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Forgetting Sarah Marshall director Nicholas Stoller took the seat behind the camera and co-wrote the script alongside Eichner.

The story follows Bobby Leiber (Eichner), who has commitment issues. He meets another man with his own problems named Aaron (Luke Macfarlane), as they navigate the hardships of committing to a relationship. However, the world wouldn’t know the exact tone until the Bros trailer hit the Internet.

Billy Eichner highlights white muscle gays in the ‘Bros’ movie trailer

Naturally, the Bros trailer is earning a lot of negative, toxic, and homophobic discourse. Unfortunately, that isn’t necessarily surprising in a landscape where Hollywood films often bury their LGBTQ characters.

Some viewers are taking to Twitter to share throw-up emojis, poop emojis, and asking why the studio released the Bros trailer in the first place. Unfortunately, there will always be a segment of viewers who respond this way. However, nothing will change as long as Hollywood doesn’t take the opportunity to explore these narratives.

European and independent filmmaking have always been ahead of the curve in LGBTQ filmmaking and this remains to be true. Hopefully, Bros is only the beginning of Hollywood giving LGBTQ creatives the opportunity to explore their own narratives. However, a lot will rely on the box office numbers that Bros brings in.

Bros lands in theaters on Sept. 30.

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