Black Cat Is Just 1 Spider-Man Villain Fans Want to See In Their Own Sony Film

Spider-Man seems to have been having a renaissance lately, and has a pretty unique place among superheroes starring in films.

Though Spider-Man is part of the Marvel Universe, whose movies are typically made by Disney, there are also Spider-Man movies from Sony. These Sony movies are also very high quality, attracting attention even from those who are sick of the myriad Disney Marvel movies. Therefore, fans are looking at Sony and wondering when Sony is going to release a new Spider-Man film. On top of this, some characters are attracting extra attention from fans who want to see their favorite heroes, sidekicks, and villains in the Sony universe. One villain in particular is receiving a lot of buzz right now. Will we be getting a Sony movie with this fan-favorite character?

Sony, Marvel, and Disney have a complicated relationship

Disney pretty clearly has control over the Marvel Universe — most of it, anyway. Spider-man is a strange and interesting exception to this. In 1999, Sony acquired the rights to Spider-Man, and proceeded to release Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, featuring Tobey Maguire. After some development issues with a fourth Spider-Man movie, Sony redid the series with Andrew Garfield, though this would also fall apart after the second Garfield Spider-Man movie.

This is when Spider-Man came to Disney, with Tom Holland portraying the hero. The two companies have agreements as to what characters can appear where, leading to Sony releasing the Venom films. Sony’s films in the Spider-Man universe have indeed been quite successful, both with fans and critics, especially when one looks at 2017’s Into the Spider-Verse. These successful films have fans very excited about what Sony will do with the character and the franchise.

Spider-Man fans want to see Sony take on Black Cat

Sony’s movies in the Spider-Man universe have branched out into exploring the villains of the universe: Venom, as well as some films in progress about Morbius and Kraven. Fans went onto the Marvel fan subreddit to discuss which villains they would want to see from Sony. Black Cat is one villain that came up. Because Black Cat is known for being sexy, one fan pointed out that she would “at the very least will get a movie from Sony. Because I’m guessing Disney would want that character really toned down if she appeared in one of their co-productions.”

Another villain that got several mentions in the discussion was Silver Sable, a mercenary who is less of a villain than an antihero who clashes with heroes on occasion. Silk, who is an ally of Spider-Man, also came up. However, other fans were more cynical. One fan pointed out “It’s going to be really hard to make compelling films where the stars are villains or anti-heroes. People will get tired of that quickly;” another, a bit more cynically, suggested “How about none? It’s stupid to have all these films without a Spider-Man in them.” Nonetheless, it does look like Sony wants to explore more characters in the Spider-Man universe!

Sony is releasing another Venom film in October

Venom (2018) was a great success with audiences, so Sony decided to release a sequel. As of now, this will be the next Sony Spider-Man film, and Venom: Let There Be Carnage will be released in October, 2021. Like the first Venom film, this film is technically in the same universe as other Marvel films, but it more or less stands alone, without any references to other superheroes or villains. Beyond this, fans may get to see a TV series about Silk and a sequel to Into the Spider-Verse!

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