Brenda Blethyn’s character stuns Kate and Koji fans with brutal Prince Andrew dig

Kate & Koji: Kate jokes about Prince Andrew

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Last month, it was reported Prince Andrew had agreed on an out of court settlement with Virginia Giuffre. In response to Giuffre’s civil claim against him, Prince Andrew has consistently denied all claims made by Giuffre. The Duke of York admitted Ms Giuffre had suffered as a victim of abuse, although he made no admission of liability and has always denied the allegations. And taking aim at the royal’s public image as a result during the first episode of series two of Kate and Koji, Brenda Blethyn’s character took a swipe at the Duke.

The episode saw Kate and her nephew Medium Dan (played by Blake Harrison) getting rewarded for their hard work during the pandemic.

Despite being happy about the award, Kate soon changed her mind when she realised Councillor Bone (Barbara Flynn) was presenting her the trophy.

“So, Kate, I hear you’re getting a prize,” Councillor Bone said to Belthyn’s alter-ego.

Kate replied: “That’s right, live on TV tomorrow me and Medium are broadcasting to all of Essex and parts of North East Kent.”

She continued: “Millions of people will see us being given a lockdown legend award.”

“I know I am giving it to you,” the councillor teased.

“No, I think you’ll find it is being presented by our local MP,” Kate hit back.

“I think you’ll find he has just dropped out,” she explained. “It’s rather unfortunate, he accidentally forwarded photos of his genitalia to some constituents instead of his researcher.”

After Councillor Bone left, Kate told her nephew she wasn’t going to the awards.

“Right, sod it, I am not going,” Kate raged. “She’s ruined it.”

Taking a swipe at the Duke, she continued: “It’s like being told you’re getting an OBE and then discovering it’s being presented by Prince Andrew.”

“Auntie,” Medium protested. “Come on, we deserve this.”

Kate told him: “You can collect yours, I am not stopping you.”

The first episode received mixed reviews from viewers, and while many were loving it, others were less than impressed.

Some fans were also left stunned by Brenda’s joke about Prince Andrew.

Along with a laughing face emoji, Christopher tweeted: “It’s like getting an OBE and then finding out it’s being presented by Prince Andrew.”

User @OliReading penned: “Prince Andrew the butt of most jokes now.”

While Louise repeated the joke: “Like finding out you’re getting an OBE then discovering it’s being presented by Prince Andrew!”

Others branded the rest of the ITV series “cringe” and “shockingly poor”.

Pete Jefferson commented: “Shockingly poor comedy, how the hell did it get a 2nd series. About as poor as #kingGary.” (sic)

“This is distressingly bad #kateandkoji,” Mark Scales went on to add.

However, Daniel praised the show for highlighting the pandemic, he said: “Great to have #KateAndKoji back, I really like this show and find it funny.

“I liked the nods to current affairs, especially the pandemic theme running through the episode as this was one of my favourite things to watch on Wednesdays in the first lockdown and takes me back to it.” (sic)

“I b****y love Brenda Blethyn and #KateandKoji. Wonderful to see it back. Making me want to go to Margate again,” Nick Cannon said.

Kate and Koji airs on Wednesday at 9pm on ITV.

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