“Car Girl” Kim Kardashian Caused Her Dealer’s Soul to Leave His Body When She Asked for a Huge Last-Minute Change

In case you missed it, Kim Kardashian is a car girl. This is almost certainly not what you know her for, but it turns out she collects cars the way most kids collect Hot Wheels, with a full array of gray vehicles at her disposal. And in an exclusive Million Dollar Wheels clip given to Cosmo, she’s looking to grow her fleet.

Kim toured a swanky black custom van with car dealer RD in the video above, and while things started off smoothly, she quickly threw him a gray-colored curveball.

RD said his team worked “around the clock” making the fully customized van, which features club-like lighting, retractable seats that hide into the car walls and a partition that turns to both frost and a giant television (casual). “We were joking that we needed a bus, who needs a bus [when you have this]?” Kim said.

All went according to plan until Kim asked to change the color of the fully complete car from black to gray. Like, the entire car color scheme.

“Do you think it’d be weird? I kind of just want everything all gray,” Kim said. “Yeah. That’s what needs to happen. The whole fleet is gray.”

And then we got to see this man’s soul leave his body. (JK, JK, he was actually very accommodating: “I just brought her a black van that is completely custom and ready to go, and now she wants to change the color of paint to gray. Is this a problem? Absolutely not.”)

In the end, Kim bought the car after they added customizations, which indeed included the exterior gray swap so it matches the rest of Kim’s Kars™.

To watch more, check out the finale of Million Dollar Wheels this Monday on Discovery+. Already have Monday plans? Viewers can catch up or binge the full season anytime at the link below.


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