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THE CELEB SAS: Who Dares Wins contestants have been put through the wringer this series – from "swamp eye" infections to trench foot.

The Channel 4 challenge show is notorious for pushing the famous faces to their limits mentally and physically.

Insiders told The Sun last year that the punishing regime resulted in six stars being forced to pull out – with three in hospital in one day.

Over the years celebs have gone through hell on the show, with some left with life-long scars. Here we reveal those who came off badly – proving SAS: Who Dares Wins is arguably the most dangerous show on TV.

Here we take a look back at some of the worst injuries that celebs have suffered on the hardcore reality show.

Michelle Heaton – 'swamp eye' infection

The Liberty X singer, 44, revealed she was left with "blurred vision" after her time on the show.



Michelle Heaton left with blurred vision from Celeb SAS & she reveals shock injury


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Michelle shared a shocking snap of her swollen and bloodshot eye after developing a recurring eye infection known as "swamp eye".

Michelle explained that she contracted the bacteria from "extreme dirty water" and poor conditions in the jungle.

The singer shared the grim photo and wrote: "TRIGGER WARNING ‼️

"This is called 'swamp eye'

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"A year ago after returning from SAS Who Dares Wins parasite’s found in extreme dirty water from the jungle, decided to return in my eye with me.

"They lived in there & found their new home for over 3 months. Unable to see properly. To this day my vision is still slightly blurred in my right eye.

"I remember going straight into Dancing on Ice training with a patch on – almost until the live shows."

Michelle's fans were stunned by shocked by the gory snap and took to social media to praise the star on her "bravery".

Pete Wicks – knocked unconscious and broken ribs

In 2022, Ex-Towie star Pete took was brutally knocked out and forced to pull out of the programme.

The reality star found himself knocked unconscious and face down in the water, and was left with broken ribs.

Although he did recover, the accident meant he was unable to continue with the Selection Course.

Speaking about his departure from the show, Pete said: "I was gutted actually. Listen, this is a bit of a thing for me, it's like I've always wanted to do this show and the worst thing for me was to be taken out because that's something that I can't control.

"But listen, if I'm completely honest with you, they're a hundred percent right because I wouldn't have been able to carry on with my broken ribs.

"To have been out so early, I was absolutely gutted because it's a fail.

"And unfortunately now for me, I feel like I failed, it's something that will f***ing haunt me because I just don't fail things.

"I don't say I'm going to do something and don’t do it, so I was genuinely so hurt, gutted, disappointed, f***ed off and angry at myself. And I still am, to be honest with, even a year later.

"That was tough for me. I felt like I'd let a lot of people down, I felt like I'd let myself down."

Pete seriously hurt his ribs, but wanted to carry on, but looking back, realises why he needed to leave.

The star continued: "My ribs were really bruised and it’s taken a long time to heal. But the show were great. I completely get why they took me out."

Jake Quickenden – ruptured arm and chest muscles

In 2020, The Sun revealed that needed to go under the knife after ripping muscles in his pectorals and biceps while filming Celebrity SAS.

He was forced to undergo a gruelling four-hour surgery on his arm.

The former X Factor star was flown from the set in Scotland to London to see a specialist surgeon after suffering a serious injury.

The star was forced to quit the show due to his injuries, which came as he hoisted heavy objects out of water.

A source told us at the time: "The injury is quite serious and Jake could have to go under the knife to try to rectify it.

"He was pulling a boat out the water during one of the challenges and tore his muscles."

Fatima Whitbread – broken ribs

Last year, Olympian Fatima Whitbread fought through "unbearable" pain after breaking three ribs during the show.

The former athlete injured herself when she jumped out of a helicopter into the sea.

Sportswoman Fatima, who is the oldest contestant to ever appear on the show, told the Mirror: "I can’t tell you the unbearable pain I was going through.

"Even picking up my backpack was really hard. I knew I was being a pain to some of them asking them to help me on with my backpack where normally I’d just yank it up with one arm.

"But I couldn’t even do that thanks to three cracked ribs. As the days went by, the pain got worse. I couldn’t lay down properly or sit up properly.

"And it was just… moving about trying to get dressed, awful. Absolutely awful."

She said quitting the show never crossed her mind as she was determined to see the process through.

She said the pain was "gripping" her after the accident, leaving her unable to lie down properly at night.

At the time, she was unaware she had injured her ribs and decided not to see a doctor about the pain because she didn't want to be told to leave the series.

Matt Hancock – trench foot and nearly 'choking to death'

Former Health Secretary Matt Hancock remains on the show long enough to face a series of eye-popping challenges.

He was struck by trench foot — caused by standing in cold and wet for long periods.

Matt told The Sun: “At the end I couldn’t walk, couldn’t stand up. I was in a bit of a mess physically.

“Trench foot is an incredibly painful problem.

“It is like having blisters everywhere on your feet. They were red raw for a long time.”

In one challenge, he is trapped in an airtight chamber filled with tear gas, then forced to remove his gas mask and find a way to escape alongside Melinda.

Matt recalled: “Suddenly it’s fire in your lungs and your eyes start streaming, and it gets worse and worse and you think, ‘where is this going to end?’

“You think, ‘I’m going to choke to death’.

Jennifer Ellison – punctured spleen and broken ribs

Actress Jennifer Ellison ended up in hospital after a series of injuries – including two broken ribs, an infection in her lung and damage to her spleen during filming for the show in Jordan.

The former Brookside star said: “After I jumped from a helicopter, I hit my ribs and then I could feel a pain in my side.

“When I got back to the UK it was getting worse, so I went to A&E.

“They told me, ‘You’ve got broken ribs, blood in your lung and a bleeding spleen’. The infection in my lung was really nasty.”

She was kept in hospital for three days and treated with IV antibiotic but endured months of "painful" recovery.

Jennifer said: “It was really painful for a very long time. I was sitting in bed laid flat.

“I couldn’t take a deep breath, so I had to blow into a machine.”

She added: “The only way I can describe this show is inhumane. There were times when I worried about dying.

“I was thinking ‘What they’re doing to us cannot be legal’.

“It was the worst pain imaginable.

“But the reward was life-changing. It’s really given me a kick up the backside to sort myself out, so it was worth it for me.

Many other celebrities have faced agonising injuries.

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