Clemmie clash leaves pregnant Dawn in hospital after her secret is outed in Emmerdale

Young Clemmie Reed is set to land her pregnant guardian Dawn Fletcher in hospital, new Emmerdale spoilers reveal. The upset comes after Clemmie finds out that Dawn is pregnant and is expecting her first child with her new husband, Billy.

Dawn and Billy found out they are expecting a little one last week but decided to keep it from Clemmie and her half-brother Lucas until they knew everything was okay with the baby. But they had told Dawn's dad Will Taylor, his wife Kim Tate and Gabby Thomas, as they all live together at Home Farm.

Before telling the children, the couple throw Clemmie an extra-special birthday party. But as their former nanny Nicky turns up to hand Clemmie a card, he is kicked out by his former fiancee Gabby.

As the drama takes hold, Gabby accidentally reveals that Dawn is expecting a baby in front of Clemmie and Lucas. Clemmie is upset by the news, and Billy and Dawn struggle to calm her down, leaving Home Farm in chaos.

Clemmie is convinced that the news will mean that she is forced out of the family. Clemmie has not long been adopted by the couple after Dawn discovered that she was the daughter of her best friend who had died and Lucas' dad Alex.

But Clemmie's upset at the news continues, and she pushes a dining stool into Dawn's stomach. As Dawn collapses from the force, Clemmie freezes in horror as she realises what she has done.

Billy is left alarmed by his wife's condition and makes sure that she goes to A&E to get checked over. But as Dawn heads off, Clemmie hides as she is scared and full of guilt.

Not knowing what is happening at the hospital, Clemmie lets herself out of the back door at Home Farm and disappears into the night.

At the hospital, Dawn and Billy are left crying happy tears as they are told that their unborn child has not been harmed by the accident.

Before Clemmie found out about the baby, she was already subdued as she opened her presents on her birthday. She then told Dawn and Billy that no matter what she wishes for on her birthday, it won't bring her mum back.

Elsewhere in the village struggling from the news that he is adopted Jai Sharma, is busy getting ready for his wedding to Laurel Thomas. As the big day edges closer his cousin Suni arrives in the village.

It doesn't take Suni long before Nicky catches his eye in the village.

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