‘C’mon C’mon’ Trailer: Joaquin Phoenix Travels Cross-Country Interviewing Kids

A24 released a trailer for “C’mon C’mon,” which premiered at the Telluride Film Festival and will open in theaters later this year.

Helmed by Mike Mills, the Oscar-winning director behind “20th Century Women,” the films stars Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny, a middle-aged radio journalist who, when left to take care of his nephew (Woody Norman), embarks on a trip across the country to interview kids, asking them what they think about their lives and where the world is headed.

Rounding out the cast are Gaby Hoffmann as Johnny’s sister Viv, Scoot McNairy as Viv’s high-maintenance ex-husband Paul, Molly Webster as Roxanne and Jaboukie Young-White as Fernando.

In his review, Variety’s chief film critic Peter Debruge called the film “a small, soft-spoken yet casually profound family drama,” while film awards editor Clayton Davis wrote in his column, “Mills’ film is not going to appeal to everyone, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t share that this could be the best screenplay written in the last decade.”

Davis also praised the young newcomer Norman, writing, “Norman is one of the greatest finds, and it’s difficult to not be enamored by his whimsical deliveries and touching beats. Freddie Highmore (‘Finding Neverland’) and Jacob Tremblay (‘Room’) are two of the recent child actors to come up short for Academy love. It will be up to the SAG nominating committee, which is more open to younger thespians, to keep him in the convo.”

Shot in black-and-white, the film is edited by Jennifer Vecchiarello, with Robbie Ryan heading cinematography. Chelsea Barnard, Andrea Longacre-White and Lila Yacoub produce alongside production companies A24 and Be Funny When You Can.

Watch the trailer below.

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