Coronation Street spoilers: Kate and Rana lie to the police and pretend they know nothing as they're questioned about Zeedan's assault

CORONATION Street’s Kate and Rana lie to the police when they are quizzed about the local thug who was punched by Zeedan.

During Friday night’s double bill Rana’s estranged husband steps in to protect her and Kate as they are harassed by the drunken man.

He ends up punching him in the face and leaves him bleeding in the alley as they all run away.

On Monday’s night episode, Kate and Rana are asked some questions about the incident, but are reluctant to tell the truth.

The policeman shows them the picture of the man and asks if they know who he is.

Rana says: “Yeah he was with a couple of lads who tried to chat us up. He was a right leech. We were trying to ignore him but he got a bit handsy so our friend Sophie set off her rape alarm and he backed off.”

Looking a bit scared, Kate asks:  “So is he the attacker. Is anyone hurt?”

When the policeman reveals it was him who was attacked, they question when he was in Weatherfield.

The policeman continues: “That’s partly while I’m here.  Did you see him when you came home.”

Kate tells him: “We were together all afternoon. Neither of us saw him.”

Rana asks: “Look, are we in trouble here?”

He replies: “This gentleman is claiming he saw you both in the alley.  He said he came over here to clear the air after what happened in the bar.

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“He said you had taken what he said out of context but you were reluctant to accept his apology, another argument started and then someone attacked him.”

Furious Rana hit backs: “That’s a load of bull. I swear we never saw him.”

But the policeman seems to have a pretty clear idea of who it is and describes Zeedan, saying: “This man has identified the attacker.

“Looking for an Asian male, between 5ft 7 and 6ft. Are you aware of anyone who could matches that description.”

He leaves them, warning that the truth will come out. But will Rana protect her ex or will they spill the beans?

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