Coronation Street’s Fiz Stape exit caused by Alina’s decision over fire?

Coronation Street: Tyrone tries to punch Phill

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It is no secret, Fiz Stape (played by Jennie McAlpine) and Alina Pop (Ruxandra Porojnicu) do not like one another. After all, the former’s future plans were destroyed when the young beautician fell in love with her fiancé and long-term partner Tyrone Hobbs (Alan Halsall). In recent weeks, however, apart from the story in the newspaper, Fiz and Tyrone have been trying to co-parent to the best of their abilities. But everything will be thrown into disarray next week as Coronation Street has revealed Alina will be carted off to the hospital after a fire breaks out in her apartment. There are suspicions Hope Stape (Isabella Flanagan) is the culprit but it seems Fiz will be blamed. 

In recent scenes, Corrie fans have watched Hope deface and attack a teddy bear after Tyrone continued to put Alina first. 

And despite the mechanic’s attempt at making Hope feel included in the plans for the baby she feels abandoned. 

When the three of them are together, Alina suffers from stomach pains and Tyrone whisks her off to the hospital to see an expert. 

The sonographer confirms the baby is fine and they leave, collecting Hope on their way home. 

Much to Tyrone and Alina’s surprise, Hope presents the mother-to-be with the toy dinosaur for the baby. 

But as Tyrone and Alina excitedly discuss the fact they’re having a boy, Hope stares at the dinosaur with mounting fury.

When Fiz collects her daughter later that evening, Hope steals Alina’s keys and hides them. 

After they have left, Alina persuades Tyrone that he should attend the drinks he has arranged to celebrate their pregnancy with his friends, alone and leave her to have an early night. 

Back at No. 9, Fiz is shocked to hear Hope declare she wants nothing to do with the new baby and hopes he’s never born. 

The child is ordered up to bed, but little does Fiz know she sneaks out of the back door a few hours later and lets herself onto the salon flat to retrieve her dinosaur. 

She lets herself back into No. 9 and Fiz is oblivious. 

Back at the flat, however, Alina is sleeping soundly as smoke starts to creep under her bedroom floor. 

And it is those walking on the Street – Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver) and Sally Metcalfe (Sally Dynevor) who are horrified to realise the salon flat is on fire. 

The emergency services are called and when Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman) is told, she calls Tyrone immediately. 

Fiz, Evelyn, Sally and Eileen stand back as Alina is loaded into the ambulance and Tyrone arrives just in time to climb in with her and go to the hospital. 

Hope watches from her bedroom window, was the fire anything to do with her? 

Alina, is thankfully, okay, and at the hospital, she sits up and reassures Tyrone about their baby. 

The following day, Tyrone, Fiz and Evelyn discuss the fire and the possible causes and Hope’s quick to point out that Alina was alone in the flat so the fire must be her fault. 

Outside the salon flat, the fire investigation officer tells Tyrone that it would seem the fire was started by an aromatherapy candle and Alina’s horrified to think that she caused the fire with one of her candles. 

When Evelyn and Hope clock Craig Tinker (Colson Smith) talking to the fire investigation officer Hope questions whether the person who started the fire will get into trouble and Evelyn’s suspicions grow. 

When Hope is out of ear shot, Evelyn suggests to Fiz that Hope might know more about the fire than she’s letting on and Fiz is shocked to hear her child is being accused, leaping to Hope’s defence. 

At the salon flat, Alina’s sadness is evident as she realises all the things they’d bought for the baby have been destroyed. 

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And together, she and Tyrone discuss what the fire officer said, realising that in order for the fire to have started in the cot, someone must have moved the candle. 

Alina and Tyrone try to make sense of the fire and are stunned to find out from the police that an accelerant was used to start the fire and it is being investigated as arson. 

To add to this, Alina then realises her keys are gone and suggests someone let themselves in and moved her candle. 

Bemused by how shaken Fiz is by the turn of events, Tyrone quizzes her about the missing keys. 

After he leaves, Fiz takes Hope to one side and says they need to talk about the fire, leaving the child nervous. 

As Tyrone and Fiz try to work out how to deal with Hope, Alina is telling Craig she thinks Fiz started the fire. Will Tyrone tell the police they think Hope started the fire instead? 

The actress who plays Fiz has spoken out about this storyline development and how her character could take the downfall. 

When asked whether Fiz has been aware of Hope’s behaviour starting to show worrying traits, Jennie replied: “I think to be honest she has taken her eye off the ball a bit where Hope is concerned. 

“Even Evelyn has been telling her to go out and enjoy herself and offering to look after the girls and she has really been putting herself first for once and as a consequence she hasn’t really noticed how Hope has been feeling. 

“Hope seems ok, she is happy with Phill, she doesn’t like Alina but no one in that house likes Alina so it doesn’t worry her too much,” she remarked. “Fiz is probably amused by Hope’s dislike of Alina and not reading anything sinister into it.

“It is in some ways Hope and Fiz against Tyrone sometimes which is not ideal.” 

With Hope being such a troubled girl, Fiz is worried about her future, especially if she is found to have started the fire in Alina’s flat. 

“Fiz knows that this is not the first time Hope has done something like this so she knows that if she has done it they would probably throw the book at her,” the actress said. 

“She is also worried about Hope’s lack of emotion when asked about what is going on and she is concerned about how that would look to the police. She does wonder if Hope has inherited some traits from her dad. 

“Kirsty was not a good person but as Tyrone points out Ruby does not have the same behavioural problems as Hope and they have been brought up in the same environment, so what is it making Hope behave in this way?” 

Meanwhile, Alina is starting to think Fiz is responsible for the fire. Does Jennie think Fix would make the ultimate sacrifice for Hope and take the blame?  

“I do think she is capable of that, she may feel she has failed her daughter in some way and if she can stop her life from being ruined completely she might think this is the way to do it and take the rap,” Jennie explained. 

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV. 

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