'Criminal Minds': Fans Weigh in on 'Unrealistic' Aspects of the Show

Many fans enjoy rewatching episodes of the hit series Criminal Minds. With numerous seasons to get through, there are bound to be moments that fans find unrealistic. Recently, fans weighed in on “unrealistic” aspects of the show. We have all the details to know about it.

‘Criminal Minds’ fans weigh in on ‘unrealistic’ aspects of the show

Fans have been known to talk about the show on social media. On August 4, 2021, a fan on Reddit wrote a post titled, “Most unrealistic thing about Criminal Minds.” They continue in the post, “Garcia never needs to ask how to spell any names. She picks up the phone and they tell her ‘we need everything you have on Kaileigh Yuimahaeoloysia’ and she’s just like ight??”

Some fans weighed in on the situation mentioned, while others revealed their take on “unrealistic” aspects of the show. 

1 fan mentions the members of the BAU ‘leading the SWAT team’

One fan included a situation with the profilers of the Behavioral Analysis Unit actually “leading” a SWAT team. “The most unrealistic are profilers going out to the field and leading the SWAT team,” a fan weighed in.

Another fan commented back, revealing a joke they have. “Yesssss,” they said. “My husband and I have a running joke that we have to take a shot every time Morgan kicks in a door ahead of the SWAT team.”

A fan adds how the BAU members only wear ‘FBI bulletproof vests’

Another fan also commented on the post about the SWAT team, mentioning how the BAU team just wear “FBI bulletproof vests” while working with the SWAT team.

“Or…when they’re out in the field, any SWAT people are geared up in all types of tactical armor, helmets, shields, goggles, etc…and most times they just have the generic FBI bulletproof vests on,” they said.

A fan has a similar comment, mentioning that the team “never” wears any “extra gear” in extremely dangerous situations, which is hard to believe, since they only wear bulletproof vests.

“The BAU never wears extra gear (bulletproof helmets, rifles, etc.) even when they are leading the charge through the door into a violent, gun-owning criminal’s residence with SWAT close behind,” they said.

1 fan adds that ‘they even make the arrests’

Another fan brought up the fact that the members of the BAU actually make arrests on the show as well, which is quite common.

“They even make the arrests lol,” a fan pointed out.

Another answer included, “Anything Garcia does is unrealistic asf,” in regards to Technical Analyst Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness).

One fan even said, “Pretty much everything,” when it comes to unrealistic aspects of the show.

A fan brings up an excellent point how members of the BAU always seem to be able to get their point across without “talking over one another” and interrupting each other.

“They can all take turns talking to the local police without talking over one another/stumbling over their words,” they said.

There are different aspects of the show Criminal Minds that fans find “unrealistic.”

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