Daniel Craig names his favourite James Bond star, 007 movie and is very blunt on next Bond

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More men have walked on the moon than have played James Bond, but what do the six official 007s think of each other’s work? Roger Moore believed Sean Connery was the greatest take on Ian Fleming’s spy since he kicked off the Bond film franchise. But before his death in 2017 he told Mark Edlitz author of The Many Lives of James Bond: “Daniel is certainly the best actor to ever play 007, and I think he will go on to become the best ever Bond.” Craig himself has now bowed out in No Time To Die and has finally shared his top Bond picks.

In a new interview, Craig was asked of the 20 Bond movies (before he kicked off his tenure with Casino Royale) what his favourite would be.

The 53-year-old said it would have been Goldfinger, which was the franchise and Connery’s third movie following From Russia with Love and Dr No.

In fact, the 1964 movie was the last 007 set that Fleming visited before he died. Tragically he didn’t live long enough to see the iconic blockbuster.

The outgoing Bond has pointed out in the past how Goldfinger was where Connery really became the 007 we know and love, with his Aston Martin DB5 and visit to Q branch.

As for his favourite Bond movie of his five, Craig told The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast: “It would be No Time To Die because it’s the last one, that’s the easiest one. Casino’s always going to be, y’know, up there.”

As for his favourite Bond star other than himself, he said: “Sean. And I’ve loved all the others equally, but Sean’s always gonna be the one.”

On the biggest way that 007 has changed as a character during his era, he joked: “Shorter. I’m not that short, I’m nearly 6ft, give or take!”

Then came to the big question: “Someone puts a gun to your head and says: ‘Name the next Bond.’”

Dodging the question, Craig replied bluntly: “I literally…I’m so…it’s not my f***ing problem. It’s so above my pay grade it really is. I would not want that choice.”

Writing in Empire magazine during one of the lockdowns, Craig was highlighting his favourite cinema moments.

Interestingly, the only mention of James Bond was from Sir Roger’s 1973 debut, Live and Let Die. Craig simply wrote: “Cheering as Roger Moore danced over alligators.”

Bond fans will remember the scene where the one-armed Tee Hee left 007 to be eaten by what were actual crocodiles at a farm in the Deep South. However, Bond managed to escape by using the reptiles as stepping stones. The story behind this scene actually inspired the name of the movie’s Bond villain.

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The Live and Let Die scene was shot at Jamaica Safari Village at Ocho Rios after the crew, who had been searching for locations, came across the crocodile farm. Outside there was a sign warning that “Trespassers will be eaten.”

The owner, Ross Kananga, had suggested the stunt of Bond jumping across the crocodiles and was hired by the producers to perform it himself.

The sequence took five takes, including one that saw the last crocodile tear Kananga’s trousers after snapping at his leg. He sustained a number of injuries, including one that required 193 stitches, while being paid $60,000 for his part in the movie.

In the end, the farm owner also inspired the name of Live and Let Die’s villain Dr Kananga aka Mr Big, who was played by Yaphet Kotto. The real Kananga returned to live in South Florida in 1976 before dying of cardiac arrest while spearfishing in the Everglades just two years later at the age of 32.


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