David Cameron’s former advisor slams BBC licence fee ‘We should scrap the BBC’

Alex Deane argues it's 'time to get rid' of The BBC

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During Nigel Farage’s Talking Pint segment on Saturday’s GB News, the former UKIP leader spoke with Alex Deane about a number of topics including the BBC licence fee. In June 2019, the BBC came under fire after it announced that free licences for people over the age of 75 would end. TV licences for the over-75s were free from November 2000 until the end of July 2020. From August of that year, free licences have only been available to people aged over-75 who have Pension Credit.

Farage began the discussion by chatting about the increase of tax, as he pointed out to the former advisor that the government is “putting taxes up”.

As Farage laughed, Deane replied: “I have to say we have had a pandemic in which every government has faced that kind of crisis.”

“I tell you what,” the GB News host interrupted. “If I give them a pass on that one, which I don’t actually.

“But if I do, what else are they going to do that’s Conservative?”

Deane continued: “We talked about tax cuts, and I believe we are going to get back to that agenda.

“I secondly think that the free schools and academy agenda and education is one that this government is pretty committed to.

“Baring in mind I hold no brief to talk for them, but I think that is at the core of the belief in the Conservative Party about education.

“I don’t think that this is a government like its labour predecessors.  The point about Gordon Brown was that he would spend money on the NHS, not as a result…”

Before Deane could continue, Farage hit back: “I don’t care about Gordon Brown.”

Despite being interrupted the GB News guest explained: “Brown spent money on the NHS, not for a result but to be able to say he spent money on the NHS.

“This government is going to spend money on the NHS because we’ve got a backlog of two years of operations not performed, people not treated because we turned our NHS into a Covid healthcare system.

“You can say we could have done it better, but nevertheless there is a real need to spend money on the NHS.”

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He added: “And unlike most governments, they’ve been honest to say, ‘This is why we have been taxing you and this is what it’s for’.

“Name me one other thing the government does that for apart from the bl***y BBC.”

This prompted Farage to ask: “Should we scrap the licence fee?”

“No, we shouldn’t scrap the licence fee,” Deane ranted. “We should scrap the BBC.”




“The BBC is no longer fit for purpose,” he added.

Farage went on to question whether the current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson would ever scrap the BBC.

Deane simply replied: “No!”.

The guest went on to claim that the government is more sceptical about what happens with the BBC than any other government he has seen in his lifetime.

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