Eamonn Holmes shares health update after ‘risky’ operation

Eamonn Holmes shares update following his back surgery

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Eamonn Holmes had to undergo an operation on his back earlier this week but he remained in high spirits when he appeared via video link on Friday’s instalment of Steph’s Packed Lunch. The Irish broadcaster was forced to take a break from presenting GB News to undergo and recover from the operation which he hopes will help alleviate the chronic pain he suffers.

Eamonn, 62, began: “I’m still here, I am still alive, it’s all still happening. It was only 48 hours ago I was on the operating table and I have to wait three weeks before I know a little more. 

“I had terrible discomfort Steph, before this, and I hope this puts an end to it. 

“When you talk about health matters you feel like you are the only person in the world going through them but you go on social media and start talking to certain people and realise they have so much pain.

“They feel like there is nothing they can do, but talking to people really helps.” 

Eamonn previously confessed he was willing to give the operation a go despite it coming with “risks” as the surgery carried a 20 percent chance of going wrong. 

He has been suffering from chronic pain in his back and legs for the past year and a half and thought the operation would be worth the risk. 

The veteran presenter said he hopes he will feel as good as he did 18 months ago following his recovery from the operation. 

The former This Morning host also opened up about his struggle with shingles which appeared on his face in recent years.

He quipped: “My face is my fortune, that’s been my passage in my career and I got shingles where?

“I couldn’t get it on my backside, or anywhere else, I got it all over my face and it was terrible.”

“Look at that, it was absolutely horrendous,” Eamonn exclaimed as viewers were shown a photograph of his swollen face. 

He then revealed his son Declan was getting married just days after sores broke out around his eyes and on his cheeks. 

“I had to be with the groom and do all of that, and I just feel like I ruined his pictures and I ruined his day,” Eamonn admitted. 

He said he tried to cover the shingles with makeup but claimed it made it look “even worse”. 

Eamonn got shingles four years ago and shared a picture of his swollen face to his one million Twitter following after his interview on the Channel 4 chat show. 

He previously told the Mirror the painful rash on his face made him look like Quasimodo.

A wave of Eamonn’s followers took to Twitter to ask how he was coping after his recent back operation. 

Annette Lloyd penned: “I hope you are feeling a bit better and resting after your operation. Please take care.” 

Viv Jones added: “Hope you’re recovering well from your operation.”

Steph’s packed lunch airs on weekdays from 12.30pm on Channel 4. 

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