EastEnders Mitchell flashback: Star reveals Phil in the 70s is very different

EastEnders is set to delve deeper into the history of the Mitchell family with a flashback episode in September. The episode comes as a part of Phil’s (Steve McFadden) current storyline and hopes to delve into what makes Phil the man he is.

Viewers have known Phil as the hard, patriarchal tough-guy since he arrived on the square in 1990, alongside brother Grant. However, the flashback episode is going to show a very different side to him, according to the actor who will be playing the younger version of the iconic character.

‘The audience will get to see and know the dynamic in the Mitchell household when Eric – Phil’s dad – was around.’ Daniel Delaney teased.

‘He was seen as man of the house and Phil was seen as the understudy as it were but it’s going to be fun, it’s going to be a very different Phil.

‘He is more timid for sure.’

The episode will be set in the 1970s at a time of economic struggle in the UK. Daniel believes that it is important to show this part of Phil’s life in order to help us understand why he is the way he is.

‘I think it’s important to show the different modes of his character.

‘Everyone knows Phil now as Mr Macho, a gangster that is feared by many but it’s his journey from a teenage boy that made him that way and it’s important that he and the Mitchell family have their story told, especially in the late 70s when Great Britain’s economy was fractured.’

DCI Keeble will be seen applying pressure to present day Phil as he acts as an informant, and it is these scenes that will act as a catalyst to the flashback episode.

Show boss Chris Clenshaw revealed that the flashback episode will be essential viewing for everyone, whether they’re fans of the show or not.

‘We had the story there and that was crucial [the flashback] fit within the serial narrative although it’s a stand alone piece as well. You can come to that episode and you won’t necessarily know what’s been going on for the last six months with Phil’s story, I think it’s pretty clear from the top. There’s a lot of treats in it.’

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