EastEnders return as Sean Slater comes back when he finds out Jean is dying?

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Jean (played by Gillian Wright) has been keeping her cancer fears to herself for months now, but is convinced the illness has returned, and doesn’t want to go through treatment again. The only person she confided in was Ruby Allen (Louisa Lytton) because she was trying to convince her not to have Stacey (Lacey Turner) jailed. Although Sean hasn’t been in EastEnders for years, he was recently mentioned on the BBC soap when Jean went to visit him. Now the actor is believed to have been seen on set, could this mean Sean is returning to the Square for Jean’s potential death?

Pictures published in the Daily Star on Sunday show the actor, 37, reportedly at the Elstree set in Hertfordshire.

The publication claims the character is set to make a comeback to the soap after his last stint ended in 2019.

It would make sense for Sean to return if he found out Jean was seriously unwell again – so will her family finally find out?

Stacey is also set to make a return soon after actress Lacey took time off for maternity leave.

Her character is believed to be making an appearance from prison in upcoming scenes, and it’s likely Martin (James Bye) will reveal the truth about Jean after Ruby confessed to him that Jean was ill.

A source commented: “Rob is back after two years away. Producers have done everything they can to keep it hush-hush.

“Only select people have been made aware of what is happening.”

Speaking to the Daily Star on Sunday, they added: “For a big name like Rob to come back shows just how much he loves being part of the show.”

Express.co.uk has contacted a spokesperson for the BBC soap to confirm Robert’s return.

The last time Sean was on the show, he was grieving his ex Roxy Mitchell (Rita Simons) who died in 2017, unbeknownst to Sean until years later.

Sean tearfully admitted to Stacey and Jean that he believed it was his fault their father had died years ago as he sadly considered taking his own life.

Jean wanted to keep an eye on her son, but he left in order to get help.

But with Stacey bound to find out about Jean’s cancer return, she will more than likely tell Sean.

Can the pair convince her to get treatment? If not, they will want to be with Jean for as long as they can while she’s alive.

It’s also likely that Sean will be out for revenge on Ruby, who framed Stacey for pushing her down the stairs and made sure she was imprisoned despite the fact she hadn’t touched Ruby.

Feeling guilty, Ruby recently admitted this to Jean, who was stunned and told her to tell Martin the truth.

The club owner hasn’t yet exposed her lies to Martin, but it won’t stay secret for long.

When everything is revealed, and people find out about Ruby’s lies and the fact she knew Jean was ill, she isn’t going to be a popular resident of the Square.

Sean will probably return to help Stacey and to be with Jean, but will he also have a plan in mind?

If Sean has received help in his time away from Walford, he may have come to terms with his years of trauma.

But he will be set for more heartbreak with Jean’s secret health condition.

The iconic character might make an exit via the cancer storyline after being on the show since 2004.

Sean and Stacey will be devastated if they lose Jean, but it might mean the former market stallholder will remain in Albert Square.

Sean wouldn’t be the first former character to make a return this year.

Charlie Brooks, 40, was back in the explosive return of manipulative Janine Butcher last week.

Friday’s episode saw her getting caught up in a dangerous situation as she didn’t notice a fire starting in Kat Slater’s (Jessie Wallace) kitchen while she was there trying to get her daughter Scarlett (Tabitha Byron) to come with her.

Will Sean be the next character to see a dramatic reunion with his family?

EastEnders returns on Monday at 8pm on BBC One.

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