EastEnders spoilers: Denise Fox for ‘steamy affair’ with Lucas Johnson in betrayal twist

EastEnders: Chelsea Fox takes a mysterious call about a ‘load’

Denise (played by Diane Parish) has been fraught with worry since Christmas, which was when her killer ex-husband Lucas (Don Gilet) who had previously faked her death, returned to EastEnders. The mother-of-three has been desperately trying to keep him away from her family and the Square as she still sees him as a threat. However, in future episodes of the BBC soap, the hair salon owner will go along with a plan to keep an eye on the murderer. But, could she end up betraying her partner Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) in the process?

The drama kicks off next week when Denise asks Chelsea Fox (Zaarah Abrahams) if she has been in contact with her father since they last spoke.

Trying to keep the peace, the salon owner’s daughter tells her she hasn’t spoken to Lucas but tries to get her mother to see he has changed for the better.

Falling for Chelsea’s innocent persona, the mother-of-three tells her sister Kim Fox (Tameka Empson) how proud she is of her eldest child.

Despite the Fox women finally getting on, Denise’s daughter risks her mother’s fury when she asks her if Lucas can live with her at the Trueman residence.

Predictably, tensions rise as with the salon owner refusing to let her guard down, her troublesome daughter delivers her an ultimatum.

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Chelsea tells her mother if she doesn’t help Lucas find a home on the Square, she will walk out of her life for good.

Going to see her father, the killer’s daughter convinces him to meet with his ex-wife and her partner Jack to make amends.

Once together, the murderer apologises for his past and explains he is extremely remorseful for how much hurt he caused.

The former prisoner adds he poses no threat to Denise and all he wants to do is to begin a new life for himself with his family.

Denise looking into things too much with Lucas?

EastEnders viewer

After hearing her ex-husband’s plea for mercy, Denise is not totally convinced by his Mr Nice Guy persona.

However, her father figure Patrick Trueman (Rudolph Walker) tells her it may be better to keep her enemies close and not risk losing Chelsea.

Having also given the prospect of Lucas being on the Square some thought, Jack comes up with a solution to his partner’s problems.

The detective tells her that maybe he should rent out one of the flats he owns to the killer so they can keep an eye on him.

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Agreeing to the deal, Denise knows she has no other choice as this is the only way she can still have her daughter in her life.

This means the mother-of-three will be seeing a lot more of her ex-husband in Walford and as she starts to see a new side to him, will old feelings reemerge?

As she realises Lucas is the man she fell in love with all those years ago, Denise could fail to fight her attraction to him.

Although Jack has stood by her over the past few months, she could betray him as she begins an affair with the killer.

Will Denise leave the detective heartbroken as she breaks up with him as she wants to give her ex-husband another chance?

Taking to Twitter, some viewers are predicting Lucas has changed for the better and could finally be putting his past behind him.

One viewer wrote: “Is Denise looking into things too much with Lucas? Could he be a changed man? #Eastenders.”

Whereas others want the salon owner to stay with her current partner as another posted: “Denise and Jack are so beautiful together #EastEnders.”

EastEnders continues Monday at 8:05pm on BBC One.

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