EastEnders spoilers: Mick Carter punches Zack Hudson as their lies to Nancy are exposed

MICK Carter punches Zack Hudson as their lies to Nancy are exposed next week in EastEnders. 

Zack covered up Frankie Lewis’ hit and run last month, which left Nancy fighting for her life in hospital.  

Mick was fuming when Frankie told him that Zack had lied about the involvement in the hit-and-run – and warned him to stay away from his daughter.

But when Zack couldn’t find it in him to dump Nancy, he insisted they kept their relationship a secret instead. 

Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see Zack decline Nancy’s offer to go into business together.

When Nancy tells the rest of the family about her plans with Zack, Mick decides he needs to put a stop to it.

Later, Linda offers to talk to Sharon and persuade her to go to the police.

When Mick orders Zack to stay away from Nancy, he reminds him that they’re both lying to her.

Mick loses his temper and punches Zack, before telling Frankie they have to relay the truth to Nancy.

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Later, Frankie comes clean to Nancy as Mick watches on. 

How will she react?

Speaking about Zack’s reaction when he’s punched by Mick, actor James Farrar – who plays him – revealed: “It was a big shock because although threatened by him a few times he didn’t think it would come to violence and so now Mick has probably gone down in Zack’s estimation. 

“Zack didn’t deserve it, it also adds fuel to the fire because there is not a chance that it can be hidden from Nancy! She is going to see that Zack’s had a smack on his face. She has a good way of getting the truth out of him.”

Speaking about Zack’s feelings for Nancy, he added: “I think she could be his first love! His feelings for her have taken control over how he lives his life, he is usually jumping from bed post to bed post which is his biggest downfall. 

“He feels as if sleeping around will be the answer to all of his problems because although on paper he seems to be a very happy-go-lucky guy – he still isn’t truly happy."

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