EastEnders Theo ‘revenge’ plot ‘sealed’ as viewers ‘work out’ Eve prison twist
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    EastEnders fans suspect Theo is conjuring up an evil plot to get Eve Unwin out of the picture for good.

    Viewers will know Eve has been a thorn in his side as she meddles in his attempts to win over Stacey’s affections.

    But with Eve being visited by the woman who’s car killed her twin sister 30 years ago, and soon going off the rails in an emotional outburst, fans believe Theo is set to use this as ammunition to convince Stacey to dump her pal and plot his revenge by getting her banged up.

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    In fact, some soap watchers think Theo could be behind Caz suddenly showing up in Albert Square and dropping the bombshell on Eve, especially as Caz said to Eve on Wednesday's episode: "It's taken me years to find you!"

    Taking to social media, one soap watcher said: "I'm thinking that the Amanda [who later revealed she was Caz] that Eve gave her number to is something to do with the teacher that is stalking Stacey???? He knew that Eve was chatting rubbish about him and has planned something with the Amanda I think" while a different account replied: "I have feeling Theo is behind it all…"

    Next week will see scenes between Eve and newcomer Caz that leads to Eve struggling to cope.

    The truth about her sister's death is exposed, and she heads to meet Caz – leaving Stacey panicked about what might happen. Stacey takes a shaken Caz back to number 31 to try and diffuse the situation.

    Matters are only made worse when Suki and Eve get there and Caz gets spooked.

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    Theo is also there, and he wastes no time in meddling in the situation.

    Sensing an opportunity to get Eve off the scene, he encourages Caz to go to the police in the hope of getting Eve out of the picture for once and for all.

    It follows an incident between Eve and Caz, after Eve learns of her link to her sister's death.

    Theo advises her to go to the station and report her, and it isn't long before Caz heads there despite Suki walking in on the conversation, and interrupting his plan.

    It comes as Eve star Heather Peace has admitted that her character is "borderline unhinged" in the "dark" twist as she learns news that sends her into an "absolute rage".

    Heather said: "She is absolutely off the rails, the most we have ever seen her. Borderline unhinged!"

    EastEnders airs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday on BBC One and BBC iPlayer at 7.30pm

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