EastEnders theory: Jean Slater dies in wedding day horror as history repeats itself?

EastEnders: Stacey fumes at her mum for dating Harvey again

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Over the last few weeks, Jean (played by Gillian Wright) has been behaving out of character and slowly slipping into a manic episode, worrying her daughter Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner). Stacey at first thought it was her not taking her bipolar medication properly, but this wasn’t the case, and Jean was acting strangely for another reason. Also, over the past couple of months, Jean and Harvey Monroe (Ross Boatman) have been growing closer after Jean opened up about her mental health. The pair shared a kiss and began to go on dates together, despite Stacey’s disapproval. In the upcoming months, Jean looks set to make a horrifying exit as she is seen frolicking around in the sea in a wedding dress.

Jean is currently in the midst of suffering a manic bipolar episode and sending her daughter Stacey into a flurry of worry.

Viewers have seen over the last couple of weeks that her behaviour has become impulsive, and started making reckless decisions.

She has been stealing from her family to fund a dirty weekend away with Harvey.

New filming pictures have revealed that Jean could be set for a tragic end as she tried to flee Walford in the coming months.

She can be seen wearing a wedding dress, riding around on rollercoasters and then wading out to sea on the beach.

Jean could desperately fight for her life in the scenes that will air later this year, with boyfriend Harvey seemingly standing by.

Stacey will be hot on Jean’s heels trying to bring her home, but will she make it to the seaside town in time before Jean’s life comes to an end?

Throwing herself into the ocean in a bid to save her mum’s life, but will she make it in time before it is too late?

Will history ultimately repeat itself?

Ronnie Mitchell (Samantha Womak) also died in her wedding dress after she dived into a swimming pool to save her drunk sister Roxy (Rita Simmons) before getting caught on her dress.

Could Jean be following in the footsteps of Ronnie Mitchell?

Jean has always had a complicated relationship with her children, Stacey and Sean Slater (Robert Kazinsky), due to her mental illness.

Coming up on the BBC One soap, Jean reveals she is planning a surprise for the children and leaves Stacey wondering what it could be.

Following Gray Atkin’s (Toby Alexander-Smith) downfall, and as the truth about Kush Kazemi’s (Davood Ghadami) death came to light, Jean then puts pressure on Stacey to come clean to Arthur Fowler (Hunter Bell).

During the surprise on a bouncy, Jean accidentally hurts Arthur and embarrasses herself – until Harvey joins her.

Stacey is frustrated that Harvey doesn’t seem to understand her mother’s condition and bans her mother from being alone with the children until she sees a doctor.

Jean’s exit from the soap is on the horizon as Gillian spoke out about her time on the show and told the Daily Mirror: “It has been a huge privilege to play Jean Slater these last eight years.

“I treasure the viewer’s care and love for the character not only through her hard times but through all the laughter too.

“I will miss EastEnders enormously, but it is time for me to step back and enjoy other acting challenges.”

EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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