Emmerdale fans delighted as family link shown on screen in rare scene

Emmerdale fans were delighted during Tuesday night's episode, as a rare scene showed off a special family link. Victoria Sugden is the proud auntie of Sarah Sugden, but the pair very rarely feature in scenes together.

However, in tonight's episode, the pair were together in the Hide Bistro, where Victoria works. As the pair enjoyed some time together, Victoria joked that she is Sarah's "favourite auntie," reminding fans about their connection.

That scene surprised the viewers at home, and they soon took to social media to share their delight at the rare moment. One viewer said: "Well hello me, Victoria and niece Sarah in a scene together #Emmerdale @emmerdale."

While another tweet said: "Archie and Amelia are cousins which seems to be forgotten just like Victoria an aunt to Sarah and Jack."

The pair are related as Victoria's adoptive brother Andy Sugden is Sarah's father. Sarah's mum is Debbie Dingle however, she currently lives with her gran Charity Dingle as Debbie is in Scotland.

Debbie is living in Scotland with Victoria's younger nephew Jack Sugden Jr. Jack isn't Victoria's only nephew as she also has young Sebastian, who is the son of her other brother, Robert Sugden and Rebecca White.

The scene between the pair soon turned into a dramatic one as Julie, the wife of stalker Lloyd Sawyer turned up looking to track down Sarah's friend Amelia Spencer. Julie began asking several questions about Amelia to Sarah, who expressed how uncomfortable it made her feel.

Staying loyal to her friend Sarah didn't give out any information and texted Amelia to let her know what was happening. When Amelia did turn up the exchange got nasty, with Julie breaking the news that Lloyd might not be waking up from his coma.

The news left Amelia stressed and worried for her father Dan Spencer, who put Lloyd in the coma. Dan has been charged with Grievous bodily harm and is facing his plea hearing later this week.

Knowing that her dad's charge could be about to get even worse, Amelia is desperate to help him. Needing some help and advice, she turned to Sarah for advice on what she could do.

Sarah has suggested to Amelia that she could make a false statement to the police accusing Lloyd of assault. Despite Sarah warning her that it is a massive risk, Amelia takes her advice and is preparing herself to face the police.

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