Emmerdale fans twig return for ‘most hated’ character as Moira discovers hostage
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    Emmerdale fans are sure they know who Cain Dingle has kidnapped in a shocking twist that could see the return of one of soap's 'most hated' characters. On Friday (October 6), his wife Moira followed Cain to Wylie's Farm to figure out what he was up to. And though Cain tried to lie to her, Moira soon heard yelling and banging coming from inside the boarded up house.

    She soon rushed into the house and undid the locks, coming face to face with a hooded figure shrouded in shadows. Though Moira assumed it was Harry – the villain who beat up Caleb – she was soon left shocked, uttering only the word: "You?"

    The episode then ended on a sudden cliffhanger, with fans throwing plenty of names in the ring – from Andy Sugden to Aaron Dingle and Ross Barton.

    But a legion of eagle-eyed fans are now sure they know who could be 'behind the mask', as it were – with plenty suggesting that serial killer Meena Jutla is being held hostage. Taking to X – formerly known as Twitter – one penned: "YOU!!" with a snap of Meena looking villainous.

    "Meena returning just in time for Halloween," someone else echoed. While a third fan wondered: "Is… that Meena's jacket?"

    Over on Reddit, fans are thinking it could be someone like Ross, with one user writing: "Someone Cain cares about that is detoxing on drugs or something? They were pretty muted when they banged on the door earlier this week. It wasn't a 'F*** you, let me out of here!' kind of knock, almost a resigned knock. I'd love it to be Ross."

    Others suspect it could be a canonically dead character resurrected after miraculously surviving whatever killed them – and Viv Hope is top of the list for some eager fans. One Reddit user said: "Probably a canonically dead character, like Matthew King, or Joe Sugden, or Ray Mulligan or Viv Hope. They'd make more sense than the actual person locked up."

    "I would LOVE for it to be Viv. I want the lady back and there's so much for her! Her twins, she really was the love of Bob's life…" someone else agreed.

    While others are certain it could be Adam Barton, who already has ties to the Dingles. One user said: "Before they boarded up the windows and the person started banging my mind went to Adam being snuck back into the country.

    "After that moment the first thought that came to mind was Jamie (who ran over Moira a couple years ago) though I don't think it's him since Alex Lincoln was posting stuff from vacation travels around the time this would have been filmed (the show tapes about a month in advance) unless that was deliberate."

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